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Cann – The Light CBD and THC Cannabis Social Tonic

A sit down with the Co-founder

Alcohol is the worst thing that we give our bodies, the more we can cut back- the better”, says Cann  co-founder Jake Bullock. Here at the veetravelingvegcannawriter blog, we agree! It was important for us to get in touch with Cann, to chat about: Cann the product, Cann investors, Cann expansion, and about the team that makes it all happen. Below is the full interview, however, we wanted to provide a little background before getting into it.

Cann’s Recent Investors

Let us start by congratulating Cann on their recent list of investors. Cann is backed by: Goop, a wellness and lifestyle brand and company founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow; Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress, comedian, writer, and producer; Ruby Rose, an Australian model, actor and television presenter; and Baron Davis, an American former professional basketball player who is a studio analyst for The NBA on TNT, to name a few.

How and Why Cann Was Launched

This company, born out of a garage and a passion for creating  healthy social tonics, is taking socializing traditions to the next level. For a long time, at the heart of most gatherings and celebrations, we see alcohol. Alcohol is celebrated, honored, horrible for us, and very much legal. It’s what we see at company parties, bars, restaurants, heck even pharmacies. 

Cann wanted to see a change. No more hangovers, no more harm for the body, no more turning down invitations for a social gathering just because alcohol isn’t consumed. Cann is carbonated water, infused with natural plant flavors and terpenes. The flavors that Cann uses, come from the plant itself- no artificial flavors.

Cann Products

I’ve had the lemon lavender and the blood orange cardamom and they are delicious! They are also hydrating the body while healing it. Each cann (haha- get it?) has 2MG THC + 4MG CBD, for a total of 6MG of cannabinoids in each cann. 

These products are not intended to make one high, hence, the low/microdose of cannabinoids. Cann is designed to offer a buzz, a euphoric feeling, one similar to wine in my opinion. I would’ve made it out a little more if these cann’s were at the heart of the socializing, instead of vodka and tequila. You can’t really hang out with alcohol drinkers without being asked 150 times “why don’t you have a drink in your hand?”;  and we know they don’t mean water. 

Cann is definitely a brand for the canna-sober, and the canna curious and will be expanding rapidly. Currently in CA, AZ, and NV- Cann will be coming to IL, CO, NJ, RI, and WA soon. In these expansion efforts, Jake shares how important it is for Cann to think about the pockets they are filling- who they are making rich.

Cann’s Commitment to Inclusion and Destigmatization 

Very much aware of the privilege that white men have period- but especially in the Cannabis industry, and against the harm done to the black and brown community because of the war on drugs, Cann is on a mission to partner and collaborate with minority businesses, contractors, freelancers, creatives, etc. 

In their hiring and employment practices, founders Jake and Luke are involved and monitor the systems in place, how they can create a space for every employee to feel like they belong, and how to amplify voices via their task force.

Cann Interview 

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Cann. The conversation was led by Dom Hart and she chats with Jake Bullock about:

  • Cann’s launch
  • Cann’s expansion plans
  • Minorities in Cannabis
  • Social Equity
  • Hiring in Cannabis
  • Team work makes the dream work
  • Cannabis and social gatherings

Written by: Veronica Castillo
Interview by: Dom Hart

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