Record, Mix, and Produce with Miami’s Newest Studio: Goodtone Studios

©: Goodtone Studios

A group of highly skilled Producers and Audio Engineers decided that a music studio was needed. Of course there are plenty in Miami, FL but, one that captures the experience of being a musical artist, mixed with passion, and flavors of the Caribbean may not have existed before <Goodtone Studios> opened in March of this year.

About Goodtone Studios

©: Goodtone Studios

Located west of Downtown Miami near Doral and Medley, Goodtone Studios specializes in: recording services, mixing services, and production services through their team:

  • 🇨🇷 Esteban “Dox”: Goodtone Studios Co-owner and Producer
  • 🇱🇨 Gael “Callix”: Goodtone Studios Co-owner and Producer
  • 🇻🇪 Barbara “Babi”: Producer
  • 🇵🇷 Amy: Audio Engineer
  • 🇻🇪 Carlos: Audio Engineer

The collective team has over 30 years of experience and the studio they built is a visual of the creative, passion, and love they have for music. 

Hear from the Owners of Goodtone Studios 

©: Goodtone Studios

Listening parties, live performances, and networking events are a few other things Goodtone Studios mixes up to elevate the community.

Goodtone Studios opened its doors in February of this year, how does it feel to be open?

“The team at Goodtones is excited to welcome creative minds to build a unique musical community. We are passionate about pristine audio quality and a great customer experience so we are happy to be here for those in need of our space and services.”

What do you want those that need your services to know about the studio?

“We know how important quality services are. As artists ourselves, we’ve been there and so, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Our team has blended experience which helps achieve this goal.”

Teen Rockstar Entrepreneur Podcast interviewed Dox recently and he said something like: you just have to do it. For the first timer that wants to book with you all but isn’t sure they are ready, what’s your advice?

“That’s right, you just have to get out there and do it. It’s how things manifest. Book with us and let us help you make your creative dreams come true!” 

Final Words

©: Goodtone Studios

I asked Goodtone owners to close out the interview with a closing message. They responded:

“We are a vibe, an intimate recording space that prides itself in offering a unique and comfortable experience where creatives can be their best. <Book today>!”

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