5 Vegan / Vegan – Option Restaurants that I Discovered in 2020

Credit: epicure & culture

What a damn year! 2020 showed us so much- but one of the biggest- how to get that guy out of office- and we did it! Though, nothing is ever great in politics, or in America, or in society; but a great thing did happen- a black woman broke that ceiling and is the Vice President of a country that has always tried to shut her (black women period) up and out!

Cannabis also won in all states that presented it on their ballots! The people spoke in 2020 and the message- Cannabis legalization and black women in the oval!

Of the death, and pandemic, and hurricanes, and wildfires, and summer snow- this was the best thing- in my opinion- that happened in 2020. In my personal life, regarding travel, food, and cannabis- things slowed way down but there were still some nice moments. 

While the pandemic slowed me down, I was able to discover some vegan gems that I may have missed if on the go. I missed them the first time around because I was traveling more aggressively, but this time, I was able to indulge. Safety was more important than travel but I still had to eat soooooo… I did! 

Here we go- 5 vegan restaurants and restaurants with vegan options, that I discovered in 2020, and that I recommend visiting when you pass through and/or visit these cities:

Paradox Café– Portland, OR

A mostly vegetarian café, with almost everything on the menu available as a vegan option. The food is always made when ordered and always delicious! The plates are seriously enough for 2 people to eat from and breakfast is served all day! 

Smaaken Waffle Sandwiches– Portland, OR

Though not totally vegan, just a dope food cart with a vegan menu, this place stole my heart! There’s a menu for the vegetarians, gluten free diets, and the vegans! Smaaken has things like vegan maple butter, vegan aioli, and vegan protein “meat” options.

Panchos Vegan Tacos– Las Vegas, NV

This place is delicious! It’s a totally vegan Mexican restaurant with 3 locations in and around Las Vegas. From breakfast to dinner, Panchos has vegans covered with options like: the breakfast plate, spicy ranchero fries, a variety of tortas, burgers, hotdogs, enchiladas, quesadillas, and more. 

Jackfruit Café– Los Angeles, CA

Talk about vegan food for the soul. This place is a part of what is set up like a food court. There are multiple restaurants in one building that use an automated ordering system. I took a chance with Jackfruit Café and was so pleased! They have options from fried (vegan) shrimp to spaghetti and meatballs, and even light smoothie options. My food was fantastic! 

Vegan Mob– Oakland, CA

My vegan goodness! Black owned and delicious AF- Vegan Mob offers a menu that will make non-vegans happy. I actually ate there with non-vegans who loved it! If you’ve never had a deep-fried grilled cheese, your first experience should be Vegan Mob. 

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Written by: Veronica Castillo 

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