Well-Crafted Organic CBG Hemp Flower from Whole Circle Farms

Credit: Whole Circle Farms

Many cannabinoids don’t receive the kind of research or attention that THC or CBD do, but new studies are finding these minor cannabinoids could offer some health benefits. One of them is known as cannabigerol, or CBG for short. 

CBG flower has started to enter into the cannabis space as another alternative to CBD flower. While current research is in the beginning stages, many experts have found CBG to have similar CBD effects. Scientists believe CBG may help regulate mood, relieve pain, and possess some anti-inflammatory properties. 

Growing hemp flower with high CBG levels requires special breeding, harvesting, and processing techniques. And in my opinion, Whole Circle Farms is producing some top-tier CBG flower.

Whole Circle Farms uses sustainable, ethical, and organic practices to produce high-quality hemp and CBD products. For this review, we’ll be looking at their Lavender and Opulence CBG flower strains. 

Lavender and Opulence CBG Flower: Perfect Strains for a Day at Home

CBG flower has been a great addition to the products that I use to manage my anxiety. It offers me a similar calm like CBD, but at the same time, works great for waking my brain up. 

The first one I tried was the Opulence CBG flower. An immediate sweetness emanated from the hemp with a slight spice that reminded me of a bakery at Christmas time. The best way to describe it is almost like a ginger-snap.

Coming in at a decent 12% CBG level, it didn’t take long for the CBG to kick in. The smoke went down smooth and warmed my bloodstream. It lifted my mood and helped me appreciate the stillness of the morning.

Next up was the Lavender CBG. True to its name, the lavender aroma alone was already calming my senses. Don’t let the 8% CBG level fool you; this hemp flower is nothing short of potent. This CBG flower gave me an immediate body high and killed any anxiety I felt. 

The best part about these two plants was how they helped relieve my headaches. Staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day strains my eyes and causes headaches to happen more frequently. CBG is the perfect pain reliever that doesn’t make me want to go to sleep right after.

Whole Circle Farms CBG Flower is Heading Toward a Bright Future

From the company mission to their organic growing practices, Whole Circle Farms is committed to producing the finest industrial hemp in Oregon, and it shows. The CBG flower is expertly cured and smells like someone recently cut it off the stalk. Their passion for sustainability and belief in everything being connected is a breath of fresh air that should be inhaled by everyone in the cannabis community. 

Written By: Alyna Paparazzi 

Favorite strain: Girl Scout Cookies

I’m Alyna, a writer from Florida and strong advocate for the mental health community. Through my writing and advocacy, I hope to add an educating voice that helps the with mood disorders learn to navigate life in a calm and self-fulfilling way. I consume Cannabis as a means to understand and connect with the world.

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