Cleaner, Safer, Waterless Smoking with Weedgets, the Tesla of Smoking Devices

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For decades, smokers have been seeing and hearing things/phrases/and concerns regarding smoking and lung health. There have been campaigns against all kinds/forms of smoking, and a lot of published research that supports lung damage due to smoking. A lot of these efforts have been tied to cigarette smoking and since cannabis legalization started sweeping the nation, so have concerns about smoking cannabis.

Some may wonder about the kinds of problems associated with the use of water bongs/pipes. Medical News Today says: “Despite a popular opinion that water pipe smoking is less harmful than cigarette smoking, water pipe users are exposed to significant levels of carbon monoxide, nicotine, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA), carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile aldehydes over the duration of the smoking session.”

In an article published by Healthline, they state that bongs are better than papers because with bongs, the water eliminates the dry heat that smokers would get from a joint, making for a smoother smoke. 

Smokers have their various ways of consuming their herb/plant of choice. And as research continues to be published on a once taboo subject: cannabis, consumers continue to learn and are able to explore to find the best method(s) for themselves. 

There was a time that water bongs received all the glory, but today, research tells us that water in this case, may be more harmful than not. In an article written by Herb(.co), they talked about water in bongs holding pathogens like bacteria and fungi. 

Which brings us to a new type of smoking device, created by Weedgets; a company dedicated to creating and offering the safest smoking options possible for the cannabis community/industry; they say: “We want to create enhanced wellness via comfortable, waterless filtering, and eco-friendly smoking devices, which rival the inhalation experience of vaping”.

In my chat with Weedgets, I learned that water can actually cause more harm when it comes to smoking, than not. As a blunt smoker, not into bongs or pipes, I don’t know a lot about their benefits or lack thereof so;  I had a sit down with Michael Barenboyem, founder of Weedgets, and he provided insight into Weedgets the company, Weedgets products, and the materials Weedgets used to create the Tesla of smoking devices. 

Q&A with Weedgets Founder: Michael Barenboym

What’s Weedgets birthdate?

“Weedgets was formed in December 2019.”

What was the inspiration behind the launch of Weedgets?

“Both of my kids were smoking cannabis in high-school, realizing that prohibiting them from smoking was not going to be effective, I did the next best thing. I have developed ways to smoke safer through filtration and cooling the smoke. The company started as a fun project to help both of my kids to smoke in a safer way. Coming from the medical device industry I wanted to continue developing products for the health conscious users to make much safer and more pleasant inhalations.”

Who are Weedgets products good for? 

“Anyone who wants to protect their lungs better , someone who wants to drastically reduce coughing during smoking, someone who is not interested in harsh smoke, they users who want to have cooler and cleaner smoke.”

The Tesla of smoking devices, talk to me about the comparison.

“This comparison came from multiple users who compared our MAZE-X pipe to Tesla, as it is the only pipe in the world that has three layers of smoke filtration, cooling ability, reducing the germs and virus transfer during pipe sharing. Weedgets is the first company screaming about dangers of smoking without filtration and cooling the smoke down to lower temperatures.”

We’ve chatted about research/studies conducted on traditional bongs and pipes on the market; can you share insight on 2-3 of those studies and where more information can be found?

“We have compared the quality of smoke with and without our devices to visually observe the smoke cleanliness. We also measured the temperature of smoke coming out from the pipes with and without our technology. Here are the images in comparison for smoke quality and temperature cooling.”

Credit: Weedgets
Credit: Weedgets

Talk to me about the line of products, about them being waterless devices, and the best selling product at Weedgets.

“All our products provide filtration and cooling without water. We use simple laws of physics to clean and lower the temperature of the smoke. Our proprietary maze technology makes the path for smoke much longer. In 1 inch of linear distance the smoke travels more than 12 inches through our patented maze constantly changing direction of travel making smoke cleaner and cooler as it travels through long elaborate path distance. Our flagship and best selling product is MAZE-X pipe and we are constantly improving on it adding more useful features. We also specifically designed it for much easier cleaning than traditional spoon pipes as the pipe easily disassembles to expose all surfaces needing cleaning. We have also introduced the lid or bowl cap to be closed for easy pipe transportation and for saving flower from burning down if you don’t use the pipe.”

There are products on the Weedgets site that support joint/blunt smoking in a safer way, can you chat about those?

“Our Tic-Toke ™ Filter Tips come in four sizes, you can plug them in into joints, blunts, one-hitters, chillums, and glass pipe. Inside each filter tip there is a screen that catches all unwanted hot resin, tar, unburnt dry flower particles (aka scooby snacks) before it hits your mouth, protecting both your mouth and lungs from burns and unpleasant taste. The filter tips also lower the temperature of the smoke down a bit for much more pleasant inhalation. They also serve as a perfect roach clip allowing you to smoke all flower – no roaches left . It’s also perfect for hygiene as you have your own filter tip when sharing smokes. They keep the smell off your fingers and protect long nails. You can even plug additional charcoal filters to further clean smoke from tar.”

Credit: Weedgets

For those that want to stop consuming papers but are concerned about products made with silicone, what can you share with them?

“We use only medical grade silicone which is one grade higher than food grade silicone that we use for food storage and cooking. Silicone is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (more than twice that of boiling water) and will not degrade or leak toxins with heat up to this point. Silicone is widely used because of it’s awesome properties:

  • Low thermal conductivity
    Silicone will not transfer heat as easily, meaning your piece will never melt or burn you.
  • Low toxicity and low chemical reactivity
    Silicone is inert!  That means it doesn’t usually react to most chemicals, and is non-toxic as a material.
  • Does not stick to many substrates, but adheres very well to others, e.g. glass.
  • Does not support microbiological growth.
    Deters against harmful bacterial growth!
  • Resistance to oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) light. 
    This property has led to widespread use of silicones in the construction industry (e.g. coatings, fire protection, glazing seals) and the automotive industry (external gaskets, external trim).”

Final Words

Weedgets wants everyone to have safer smoking experiences. Below is a discount code for a percentage off of your purchase. Learn more about Weedgets and check out their line of waterless smoking products. As stated above, they even make smoking out of papers a safer experience. 

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Written by: Veronica Castillo, the Traveling Cannabis Writer