Canlock Review – Purposely Built with Cannabis Preservation in Mind

On a mission to become the industry standard for quality and freshness, Canlock is changing how we stash our cannabis flower with these amazing smell proof glass jars! The Canlock jars are made with preservation in mind first. They are designed to retain terpenes, prevent mold, protect trichomes, and to keep your cannabis flower safe. 

I love these jars so much because they work! They are designed to be simple, yet they are elegant and very versatile. I appreciate that they are glass because we have enough plastic trouble in the world, and because glass means no BPA. 

The Stash Jars

These stash jars are not just glass jars with lids, but glass jars with a patented single vacuum seal solution. The solution is- KEEP CANNABIS FRESH, and Canlock definitely created a solution for that with these airtight jars. From mini to stash +, there is an option for all cannabis needs. 

  • The Canlock mini jars fit 1-4 grams, and is designed to be the ultimate travel sized stash. This mini can be used for tea, herbs, dried food, vitamins, and more. 
  • The Canlock stash jars fit 3.5-7 grams and can also fit up to 15 pre-rolls. The stash can also be used for edibles, coffee, nuts, and more. 
  • The Canlock Stash + is my favorite and is the largest stash option. It holds 11-14 grams of flower. 

Like the other jars, it is versatile in its uses and what all 3 have in common is the lid. It’s equipped with a built-in airlock pump that simply twists onto and off the jar. When pumped, a pressurized seal is created preventing smells from escaping the glass jars.

The jars come in clear, red, green, Jamaican leaf, animal print, black, blue, gold, and so many more colors and designs. The jars come with a 30 day “No Questions Asked” return policy and 1-year limited warranty. 

I Recommend

I travel a lot and so, I needed something that kept my medicine fresh and needed something that wouldn’t alert the public that I had cannabis/hemp with me. Though, I don’t care about anyone knowing that I looooooove cannabis, but who needs the police coming around? 

And though hemp CBD are legal, there are some of those “smokeable hemp prohibited” states where, safe is just the best way to move. Here are a few other details from Canlock’s very detailed FAQ page:

  • Canlock offers wholesale
  • Canlock offers gift cards
  • Canlock ships internationally
  • Canlock has an Amazon store

From flower to gummies, I have stashed cannabis this and that away and when I come back, my cannabis is fresh! 

Ready for your jar? Visit the Canlock store for 15% off your purchase! #stayfresh


Written by: vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer