Family Feasts Gone Vegan – Your Guide to Vegan Celebrations

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The end of year season, also recognized as the holiday season, is a time to gather with our most sacred connections of family and friends. These celebrations and gatherings often involve a feast – as a form of energy sharing and expressions of love.  

They also often feature animal as the star of the show. It’s virtually the same food every year, for heaven’s sake! Sometimes, this happens of questions like: “can I fit this into my budget”? With the rising prices of food and health concerns from this year’s science experiments on human kind, it feels like the pressure to make a spectacular spread has more than doubled. 

 As vegans, however, we know that you do not need meat on the plate to create high vibrational meals that your family and friends (vegan or not) will rave over.  The secret to any legitimate party-on-a-plate is to create a symphony of flavors using premium ingredients, diverse color, and a mosaic of texture. 

Here are some all vegan recipes guaranteed to be crowd favorites at your next holiday meal. Some are classically vegan while others have been vegan-ized with a twist. All of which will have your guests asking for seconds!  

Disclaimer: As an ancestral chef, Dom’s skills are passed down through legacy and memory. In other words, she doesn’t measure spices unless baking something unfamiliar. Dom simply waits for her ancestors to whisper “that’s enough, girl”. They are usually on point. She with 1 teaspoonful guidelines for spices and asks that you follow her suggestions for initial preparation and then season “to taste” using ¼ teaspoonful increments.

Vegan Southern-Style Red Beans

Vegan Collard Greens

Vegan Cornbread Dressing

Vegan Herb Roasted Potatoes
(with or without Nutritional Yeast

Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Gravy

Lentil Loaf

Written by: Christina Burruss and Dom Hart

Edited by: Veronica Castillo 

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