Vee’s Magic Mushroom/Psilocybin Microdosing Experience Series 4

My 3rd microdose journey with psilocybin mushrooms, summertime Las Vegas, NV

It took me a long while to go on my 3rd journey because my 2nd psilocybin mushroom journey wasn’t pleasant. I was nervous and waited until I felt the pull to consume. I didn’t know it then but it was the final journey with the chocolate bar from previous journeys. It was also the journey that I decided to consume more than the 250 MG. This time, I consumed 375 MG. It was just…. a pull, a call, a fuzzy feeling in my core to consume a higher dose- so I did.

My Third Time Microdosing with Magic Mushrooms

Set and Setting

I can’t stress enough the importance of set and setting. When consuming plant medicine, intention is key. No one should ever ignore set and setting to chase a “high”, that is not responsible consumption. Magic mushrooms are intentional and therefore, the consumer must be intentional. As always, I recommend microdosing with magic mushrooms if a beginner. It’s best to start low to find the dose appropriate for you. 

My set- my mindset was happy, uplifted, and inquisitive. My vibe was in a happy place and seeking answers. I decided that morning to prepare for my microdose journey with psilocybin. And though I increased my dose, I still wanted to consume a microdose. I’m a baby step type of person for many things. Journeying with psychedelics is one of them.

My setting was indoors, I wasn’t alone but had space. I knew this could potentially be a mistake because I’m a loner type when journeying. I don’t want my trip/journey to be impacted by someone elses and vice versa. But it felt like the right thing to do so, I lit up incense, played salsa music, and drank a lot of water. I realized from the previous trip that I needed to have a water filled belly and not a sugar filled one.

The Journey

That evening, I consumed the 375 MG dose, in edible form. It took about 30 minutes to activate. This time, I didn’t get a brain click. I was browsing social media and noticed that the screen looked like it had a layer of waves over it…like the page I was looking at became a wave. I put my phone down, closed my eyes, and started seeing purple fireworks. 

I opened my eyes and started to laugh because it felt like I was being tickled. I looked up at the ceiling and the same man’s face from my first journey, was looking down at me. Two things that repeated themselves, on separate journey’s, in different settings. Remember this from my first magic mushroom journey?:

“I remember closing my eyes and seeing a purple explosion, seconds later came a face. The face of a man from the middle east, wearing a white turban.”

Purple loves to come see me and so does that man, which is actually me in my past life as I shared in the first journey piece. Here’s a snippet:

In 2015 I went to see Renee, a spiritual medium who told me so many things. As she read my cards, one of the things revealed was that I was an Indian man in my past life- a high ranking soldier and war hero, who was trying to create peace but couldn’t in that life. He knew he was coming back to complete his mission, but would come back softer, a woman, and still fight, but with a voice instead of a weapon.”

For a while I sat there, but I wasn’t really there. My body was, but my soul was in nature with my past life self, looking at, and smiling at each other. The salsa music was still playing. It’s like I heard it playing from far away. As I was looking and smiling, my body started to groove and when I closed my eyes, I was dancing with my past life self.

During the movement, the sound transitioned from far away to playing inside of me and the sounds coming from me. I could feel a light vibration inside of me. This happened over what felt like, 30-45 minutes. When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on David Letterman’s- My Next Guest Needs No Introduction stage. On the stage with me was David Letterman. We sat in front of his audience and each had a small psilocybin mushroom in our hand.  

David asked me to explain what we were about to consume and what he can expect. As I was explaining, I was crying and smiling because I couldn’t believe that I was sitting up there with one of my idols and an OG in media. I felt the tears leaving my eyes in the physical but I was still very much on that stage.

After the explanation, I wiped my tears and tried to shake off what felt like thousands of watts of electricity. We stood up, tapped our mushrooms together, said “cheers”, and we consumed, making fucking history! As I write this, I’m crying and smiling because in the pit of my stomach, I know the mushrooms showed me what I’m working towards manifesting. I didn’t know until the mushrooms showed me. 

End of Journey Reflection

This journey was about 4 hours long and the happiest of the psilocybin mushroom journeys to that point. I felt so empowered during and after and that feeling hasn’t left. I realized that the world will love me as I am because of who I am; a plant loving, messy hair, passionate warrior on a mission to move people closer to plants. 

I also realized that my past life and current life selves are working together in this life to create peace. I’m still who I was at the soul level- at the mission level, I just switched costumes and my approach. 

Reflection Journey

People generally tell me that they can see an energy, a source, some sort of light around me and especially in my photos. Renee (the spiritual medium), told me the same, she said that it means I’ll get my wings because my guides are around and will see to it. 

Days later, something hit me. What people see, that light, that source, that energy is me. The spirit of my past life self,  making sure that in this life- we reach nirvana. Cannabis killed the ego that wouldn’t allow me to find this place. Psilocybin magic mushrooms guided and continue to guide me on the journey to get there.

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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