Book Review: Weed Mom, by Danielle Simone Brand

Book Review: Weed Mom, by Danielle Simone Brand

I made a commitment to myself to do more of the things I love, unapologetically. Inhaling books like sweet smoke (whilst inhaling sweet smoke) is one of those things. So when a book review opportunity came my way, I saw it as a positive sign from the Universe that I was on track. To top it off it’s a book about cannabis and motherhood, which makes this a triple win!

A big thank you is owed to Danielle Simone Brand, for writing “Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Women’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting and Chilling TF Out”. It took me 4 days to complete, which is an accomplishment I cherish due to the minimal amount of alone time I take as a mother of four! Of course reading this had to be an experience because…why not? 

So, every time I picked up my laptop to dive into “Weed Mom” (I prefer to do ‘assigned’ readings on Kindle Reader with the ability to take digital notes, if possible), I made sure to have a hemp joint rolled and ready for the occasion. Everything came full circle in those moments. Pause calmly and think of that. 

Admittedly I was never really interested in reading what I usually categorize as “Weed Self Help Books for Parents”. Choice books of the past have been wordy and puffed up in a way that could bring a high down. Others were concentrated with too much information in one category and not enough in another, so I felt my attention was wasted on a subject that saturated the cannabis education market. 

“Weed Mom” fits snugly on the shelf straddling two genres with the same subject. Danielle weaves her words skillfully in colloquial and educational voice creating a blend of information and reassurance that it is truly ok to be the mom that needs a blunt! 

I won’t spoil the book for you, but I would be remiss if I didn’t break down some of the good nugs found in the pages. “Weed Mom” opens with a break-up letter that endears cannabis and ends the sordid affair with alcohol. I felt my heart flutter because I’ve never been a drinker, much less a savvy social drinker. I’m definitely the stoner mom. Danielle’s got my number…immediately, I know I’m going to enjoy this book.

About the Book

Danielle successfully connects to the intended audience by utilizing the introduction to share some of her personal journey with cannabis, “from abhorrence…[to] acceptance”. (I got the feeling she wasn’t just talking about her relationship with cannabis. This made me eager to read more). Cannabis is initially referred to as “the stuff”, illustrating the departed feelings that are drummed up in someone who has grown up to believe cannabis is harmful. The language changed half-way through however (‘the stuff’ becomes ‘flower), and I’m convinced Danielle has been loving weed since she came out the womb. And I quote “I love to smell, handle and smoke flower in all its earthy, rooty, spicy, skunky greatness…”! Tell me those aren’t the words of a true cannabis enthusiast?

There is also a dope summation of the contents of each chapter, and while I was tempted to skip through for the info I wanted (Chapters 6 and 10 are my ish) the entire work is exactly what I needed!

Chapter Breakdown and Review

In chapter 1, Danielle sets the scenery for odds between her and her husband, taking the reader on a whirlwind trip through her encounters with cannabis. The stresses of marriage, parenthood and getting lost in the strange void of personal identity have proven to be the bane of adult existence, where relief is hard to find without possibly breaking a few laws. It is the changing legalities in her domestic state and a carefully orchestrated yoga practice that finally crack the wall between Danielle and what she describes as “[palpable] synchrony between…body, heart and mind”.

The entire book is educational, but Chapters 2 through 5 are a bit more technical addressing subtopics from the basics about cannabis identity and plant biology, historical context in the United States and worldwide, to typical mediums and uses for cannabis. Vee made an appearance in Chapter 2. She discussed her experience as a traveling cannabis writer, the cannabis culture in various states, and what it’s like to purchase legally from a dispensary. 

I categorize them as the “What” chapters. There are a few pictures for reference and a couple of easy to decipher graphs and charts for sorting information. Especially important and included in the fabric of the text is defined allyship for marginalized members of the cannabis community. Danielle constantly expresses support for, and shares enlightening facts that expose, the plight of Black and Brown Weed Moms. Her desire for equity is blatant and I believe her book is a push back against opposing forces in demonstration of that allyship. 

Out of this bunch I noted chapter 5 as my favorite for it’s Pro-Con descriptions of cannabis and its multiplicities. At the end of each chapter is the Weed Mom Q&A, summing up the brunt of information in an extended FAQ manner. So many names from the many aspects of the cannabis industry are referenced. The appendix, which I get into later, is extremely useful for building an informational portfolio. 

Chapters 6 through 14 are the“How” chapters, giving fellow and prospective weed moms the goods on how to maneuver cannabis into a permanent position as a responsible and functional tool for healing and balance. The technical information is present, but in a manner that seems more like sound advice than slinging facts. I especially dig chapters 7 (for talking with teens and preteens about cannabis) and 10 (sex and cannabis). In chapter 9, shit gets REAL, and Danielle shares more intimate details about her relationship and cannabis. 

Chapter 13, my dear reader, is about self-care and cannabis! Here is where I found my favorite quotes ( seriously, I have entire paragraphs highlighted, and my notes read “this is my entire life summed up”!). So much relatability is packed in such a short chapter and as I smoke my joint in downward dog, words like euphoria, pain relief, bliss, natural fit  leap off the page (highlight here and.. here). There are also exercise instructions to engage in a physical practice, the effects of which can be enhanced with cannabis.

The transparency of the narrative is consistent and continually reminds the reader that this book is more of an informative conversation. Nestled between paragraphs are personal anecdotes of anonymous and fellow moms, cannabis nurses and doctors and other writers Danielle has surveyed, providing this account with more authenticity as well as accountability to each other. #sistersesh is a train I will gladly ride to open the eyes of the world to the wonders of our glorious plant. 

Appendix- The last 20 pages are dedicated, detailed annotations of people, places, media references and expounded facts that appear throughout “Weed Mom”. Cannabis is an expanding industry, so to have that many references in one place is always helpful. As a book lover, I definitely enjoy and use the appendices of my books and this one is no different. If you are reading this book as an industry novice, you will also appreciate it’s precision. 

Final Thoughts

Reading Danielle’s story made me realize that I had gone through a similar story with cannabis in my own relationship and personal life. Cannabis has been so good to me that I forgot how big of an upset it used to cause in our household. Eventually I found comfort and healing with cannabis. “Weed Mom” provides confirmation of that healing within its pages; my passion for cannabis became reignited with each page turn and I am so grateful. I feel that many other moms can find the same if they are willing to light up their own lives. I highly recommend “Weed Mom” to my fellow 420 mothers, across all cultures. 

Don’t blow your top, Mama…Blow it down!

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