Vee’s Magic Mushroom/Psilocybin Microdosing Experience Series – 2

My first magic mushroom, psilocybin experience was with a delicious- magic mushroom infused chocolate bar. I’d love to tell you where I was and the source but- for obvious reasons- I can’t provide that information. I will say that it was from and consumed out west, in a city that has decriminalized psilocybin.

The chocolate bar was gifted to me by someone that follows my journey, knew that I was interested in consuming psilocybin, and knew that microdosing psilocybin was my preferred way to consume. I will always and forever be grateful to this person for being so generous and being a dope creator of the vegan chocolate bar that started a new awakening in my life- THANK YOU!

Before I consumed, we had a phone chat. They answered questions and provided setting (more on this below) tips.I understood that each dose was 250mg of psilocybin. My source gave me insight into what that may feel like, and if it felt worse- ways to bring myself to calm.

And so 13 days later, after doing a little more reading, after a few chats with myself, after a few chats with my guides- I broke off a serving (250 mg), placed it on my tongue, and let it melt. I consumed this way because it’s how I consume most cannabis edibles and so, it felt right. 

30 or so minutes later, the journey began.

My Journey with a 250MG Dose of Psilocybin

Journeying with Psilocybin- Set and Setting

Set= mindset, and I was so happy! I was in a city that I loved, it was early spring, the sun was out, and the temps were mild. Leading up to it, I was overall in a good place. I have seasonal affective disorder and so early spring is always a little shifty, but I was overall happy. 

Setting= where the journey takes place- the environment- the people around. I chose to be indoors and alone. I always knew that going on a magic mushroom trip would be something that I’d do alone. I knew that the first few times I consumed, I’d do it alone. 

I’m not a group activity type of person and so, alone was a requirement for me. I’m also introverted and sensitive to energy and vibrations, so I didn’t want someone else’s experience to impact mine. 

The Click in My Brain= Onset of Psilocybin Journey

When the psilocybin started to release, I literally felt a click, like a thump in my brain. I felt it- an obvious…. something tapped my brain. That was the psilocybin telling me that the journey was starting.  

Within 5 minutes of the click/tap, I started seeing little circles and stars playing around in the space between me and the window. They were pink, purple, and yellow. I giggled out loud in pure amazement and tried to touch them. I couldn’t quite touch them though because it was as if…. when my fingers made contact, they became the circles and stars. 

I remembered in that moment, something that I heard quite some time before. I can’t remember if I read it or heard it in a documentary but it was something like: there is no such thing as empty and void, because everywhere that empty appears, there are billions of energies and atoms and micro lives living in it, humans just can’t see it. 

The 2 Hour Journey with Psilocybin

In this magic mushroom trip experience, I continued to see the energies and miro lives; they increased as time went on. It was like, every 5-10 minutes, another energy, maybe frequency revealed itself. Around the 60 minute mark, I was seeing colorful patterns and laid down to observe them. I was in very happy spirits and still smiling at what I was experiencing. 

I remember closing my eyes and seeing a purple explosion, seconds later came a face. The face of a man from the middle east, wearing a white turban. I opened my eyes instantly and then felt an actual thump on my heart.

You see, in 2015 I went to see Renee, a spiritual medium who told me so many things. As she read my cards, one of the things revealed was that I was an Indian man in my past life- a high ranking soldier and war hero, who was trying to create peace but couldn’t in that life. He knew he was coming back to complete his mission, but would come back softer, a woman, and still fight, but with a voice instead of a weapon.

I thought about the above after my heart thump. I closed my eyes again, and my past life face was looking in the mirror. The image in the mirror was my current life face. I cried- big ass tears of joy in the mirror and those tears were actually streaming down my face. My past life face came into the mirror and merged into one- revealing my current face.

End of Trip and Reflection

I felt revived, refreshed, stronger, more aware, and felt a stronger connection to Cannabis. It was strange to feel that and I remember thinking: “magic mushrooms are so selfless”. I’m not sure why such a strong love for Cannabis was felt toward the end. Maybe because Cannabis led me to the mushrooms.

And for any government people reading this thinking “ha- there she is admitting that Cannabis is a gateway drug!”

No! But nice try. I’m stating that for me- Cannabis has been the gateway to my healing in ways unimaginable. And get real, plants are not drugs.

Reflection Journey

I reflected on my journey for a few days after. I decided to give time and space between each magic mushroom microdose, so that I could pay attention to shifts and changes after each dose. This trip was the start of a full year of reflection. So many truths have been revealed to me. In this first journey with magic mushrooms- my mission in life was confirmed. 

This was the start of me stepping out of my own way. It was the trip that made me see my journey in life couldn’t have gone any other way. A lot of things about my life started making sense.

My first time was with a chocolate edible. I’ll leave you with 3 ways to consume psilocybin:

  • Tea- add mushrooms to hot water and let soak for 45 minutes- then drink the infused water.
  • Eat the mushroom- put the mushroom in your mouth- chew- swallow
  • Add to a smoothie- place mushrooms in a blender with fruit and veggies- drink up. 

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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