The Botanical Joint – A Hemp “Cigarette” Review

I never had hemp CBD cigarettes that I enjoyed before. They are called cigarettes but they are actually pre rolls that look like cigarettes. The only hemp cigarettes that I’ve had were only fillers, not great, purchased from a mom-and-pop store down here in Texas. It’s all we have besides tobacco because the state of Texas doesn’t have the intellect to legalize cannabis.  

Anybody who is subscribed to the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Website, knows when it comes to reviewing a product, we are very honest about what we review, with no pre-based perceptions that would give us pre-conceived deceptions.  

About the Botanical Joint

The Botanical Joint was founded by Sue Surabian, a third generation farmer who has extensive knowledge and experience in the business of hemp and cannabis.  The Botanical Joint, by Ranchera Familia is a cultivator of CBD flower and pre-roll cannabis products.  

The seeds are planted with their own genetics, with strains such as: Trap Selena which is a Sativa with a 12.19% CBD and 1.12% Terpenes basil and wood, Not Your Bitch is a new strain, a hybrid, with a 13.67% CBD with 2.36% terpenes cinnamon and chamomile, and  WAP, a popular new Indica strain with a 10.67% CBD with 2.02% terpenes. This is an outdoor grow site- strains are grown outdoors in Fresno County, California and are hand-crafted.  Oh and let me not forget, you can also purchase clones, seeds, clothing gear,  and the feminized pollen.

My Review

I consumed a pack of City Girls strain. It tests at 17.98% CBD and tasted like cream and grapes. When I looked at the pack, I thought, “here we go with these hemp cigarettes again, they’re going to be just like those half-assed tricky bullshit products.”  But I should’ve known better because Vee raves about this company.

When I first opened the hemp cigarette canister, the smell was strong, I thought, “oh shit, these aren’t like those bullshit products!” I lit the cigarette up and with the first puff I took, it instantly felt a euphoric feeling.  

I could smell the freshness of the cannabinoids and terpenes, and even with the small percentage of Delta-9 THC, I still felt the effects of this great product.  I would definitely recommend this product and others from them. I give them a 10/10. 

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited (for SEO) by: Veronica Castillo