A Review of GenoType CBD Face Glowing Cream

I’m a naturalist through and through, I live an all organic vegan lifestyle, and I meditate daily. I believe in feeding my mind, body, and spirit only good things. Yes, I’m a hippie – for sure, for sure!  When it comes to my skincare regimen, I am no different. I’ve gone most of my life simply using gentle soaps and water to cleanse my face.

Blessed with an even skin tone and rarely having a blemish (knock on wood!) I never felt compelled to invest in an actual skin care routine. Before you say what you’re gonna say – I’ve heard it, I need to start a skin care regimen early on to preserve a youthful appearance and slow the aging process. I’ve tried – and it usually results in a bad. Thus, I never really adopted a skin program to this day.

While I haven’t typically experienced skin issues, since entering my 40s, I have noticed dark spots appear along my cheekbones. Granted, I have always used sunscreen, being a beach girl, I’ve literally spent years of my life being out under the sun and it has resulted in sun spots. Sunspots are flat brown spots that develop in areas that have been excessively exposed to the sun but are not cancerous and do not pose any health risks. 

At this point, I was just tired of using concealer and not feeling great in my own skin like I once used to. Despite my previous apprehensions, I became cautiously curious to find a solution and try new products.

GenoType CBD 

For the last six weeks I’ve been using GenoType CBD Face Glowing Cream in an attempt to even my facial skin tone and lessen the appearance of spots.  GenoType is a South Carolina based company, owned by a black woman- the first registered hemp grower in her county.

While I used the cream to target my darkened skin spots, it is also helps with eczema, demerits, hyperpigmentation and overall glow. In this sense, it can be used by adolescents going through puberty-related skin challenges and at every stage of life.

About GenoType Cream

The cream has a number of ingredients including Full Spectrum CBD oil, aloe leaf juice, vitamin C, mineral oil, lanolin etc. I diligently apply first thing in the morning and before bed at night.  To be clear, I personally decided to apply twice a day.  The manufacturer’s website cautions users should not apply if you will be out in the sun within an hour after application. Because I work from home this is no issue for my twice a day routine.

The process is fairly simple – just wash your face with soap and water and then apply.  Directions on the website suggest a daily application for 7 weeks and then as needed in problematic areas.  The easy of use is appealing as well as the fact that it does not leave an oily residue.  Further, the smell is pleasant. No lie, the first time I used it my kiddos asked what I had on because it smelled so nice. #truestory

My Results with GenoType

Again, I’ve been using the cream for a little over a month.  The results began to show about 3 weeks in.  My skin tone is noticeably more even and the spots are definitely fading.  I didn’t have a single reaction to it – which was my main concern from the start. In short, I’m loving it!

Written by: Christina Burruss

Edited (for SEO) by: Veronica Castillo