Why is “Super O” so Super?

A Video Interview with Oscar Pena, CEO of Super O MGMT and Partners with Dr. Terpz Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma

Credit: Super O Mgmt

It is always an amazing feeling when you can connect, near or far, with someone that is a positive, kind soul. I had the pleasure of doing so when I spoke with Oscar Pena, otherwise known as “Super O”. Oscar is the CEO of Super O MGMT – a New York City boutique management firm that specializes in consulting, marketing, and production for the entertainment field. Not only is he a marketing genius, but he has over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Oscar’s Start in Music

Oscar’s story is that of an underdog …. that came up. He is a successful entrepreneur that was raised in the streets of New York. He started out managing musical collaborations in the mid-90s, working with DJ Premier, The Rawcotiks and The Beatnuts. By the time 2000 came along, Oscar had joined up with Hot 97s Funkmaster Flex at Franchise Marketing, the immensely popular music promotional company of the time, and mastered his marketing and networking skills.

Before dipping his foot in the film industry pool, Oscar teamed up with the immensely talented Reggaeton singer, rapper and record producer, Daddy Yankee and media personality Victor Santiago, Jr. aka N.O.R.E. to consult on the Billboard hit Oye Mi Canto. Pena would also go on to work with Rich Issacson (Loud Records) and Jerry Blair (Sony Music) at The Fuerte Group, a joint venture record label at Universal Latino.

Super O Moves into Movies

With aspirations HIGH, Oscar made his move into the film industry in 2008. Without a formal college education (respect!), Super O quickly rose through the ranks becoming VP of Marketing at Foxy Films. He produced multiple independent projects, including Days Of Wrath with Jeffry Dean Morgan, Wilmer Valderrama and Lawrence Fishburne before moving onto National Geographic’s Drug, Inc. (Season 6) and Underworld, Inc. in 2014.

As VP of Development for Joule Ent in Queens, NY, Pena co-produced the music driven film Hold On starring Luis Guzman, Maurice Bernard, Micayla De Ette and Tarek Tohme. It’s theatrical release in December of 2019 did not keep Oscar from taking on more projects. DJ Lobo and the record label, Matatan Muxic, paired with Oscar in releasing the number one international hit in July 2020 (amid the covid-19 pandemic) Drogba, the global Latin remix featuring Afro B and Ozuna. YouTube hits currently rank at over 15 million!

Super O and Cannabis- The Dr. Terpz Cannabis Dispensary Partnership

Oscar’s most recent venture is Cannabis. He has been a consumer of Cannabis since his teenage years and believes in its many healing benefits. Through connections, Oscar was introduced to a man named Kamran Ali … otherwise known as Dr. Terpz. Dr. Terpz owns and operates a thriving Cannabis dispensary in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Not only is Dr. Terpz a real doctor (he is not practicing in the U.S.), but he is the first in the OKC market to use the EZ WEED Cannabis Vending Machine which we will see popping up everywhere over the next few months. Through long talks and smoke sessions, Oscar decided to take the leap and their partnership was born!

Dr. Terpz Cannabis dispensary is fully stocked with high quality flower, concentrates, and edibles. They have a 24-hour drive thru (yeah, that’s right…) and you can usually find Dr. Terpz behind the counter, wearing a white coat and a smile, waiting to assist you with all of your Cannabis questions and needs. The first chance I get, I am heading out to Midwest City to pay Dr. Terpz a visit!

Super O MGMT

Consulting, Marketing and Production. Specialties that Oscar has acquired over his twenty plus years on the scene. Oscar believes in treating his clients with the utmost respect and exactly the same, whether they have a million-dollar budget or a $500 budget. Super O’s work and media can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and more! If you are looking for a talented, experienced, yet humble individual to bring your project all the way to the top, he is your man!

See below to fully immerse yourself in the conversation with Oscar

Written by: Nicole Stover AKA “Canna PinUp”

Edited by: Veronica Castillo