The Value of Hiring a Professional Copywriter for Cannabis Businesses

The Cannabis industry has undergone a major transformation as of late. For those seeking business growth, how messages are conveyed is vital. There are considerations that should be given to things like: audience, goals, and data. Check out the ways that value can be added to a Cannabis business, by hiring a professional copywriter.

Getting to Know Your Target Audience

Before getting started with hiring a professional copywriter , it’s important to understand as much as possible about the characteristics of the people the business is trying to reach. This helps cannabis businesses craft a data-driven cannabis content strategy.

Being aware of things like: the target audience purchasing habits, cannabis consumption habits, and purchase frequency is important. This helps Cannabis content writers have access to the appropriate data for researching and writing articles in line with the target audience. It also helps with content that will speak towards a specific cannabis customer demographic.

For companies to find this information, they need to collect multiple data sets, and perform careful detailed analysis of the data collected. Tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and/or Moz collect and gain insights into the following customer demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Income
  • Monthly Spending 
  • Their Content Preferences
  • Pain points
  • Emotional triggers

The Data!

Collecting data and performing research allows companies to use the customer data to develop data-driven buyer personas for each targeted audience. This data is useful and also helps form the foundation of for cannabis content strategy. The data allows companies to gain the ability to understand the type of content their audience likes, shares, preference in communication, as well as their buying habits and cycles.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional copywriter can assist with improving the lead acquisition process. This is a huge reason for Cannabis companies to consider hiring a professional copywriter to increase revenue for their business.

Leads into Sales

Are you needing to convert more leads into sales? To capture those leads, companies should identify the key characteristics of successful content. This research assists with targeting consumer interests and convincing them to make purchases. 

Most importantly, hiring a professional Cannabis copywriter will highlight and display the benefits that products have to offer. Products need content that emphasizes the distinct properties that make them unique and valuable. Professional copywriters can help erase any doubts that potential customers may have about making a purchase.

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Written by: Ethan Wehr

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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