How to Create Ceremony with Plant Medicine

Whether it be cannabis, ceremonial cacao, ginseng or even chamomile for everyday consumption, plant medicine offers an abundant healing journey. In addition to physical healing, medicinal plants have the power to open doors to deeper levels of consciousness and authentic connectedness to Mother Earth and self. These gifts are amplified when we engage with the plant through awareness, intention, and soul connection. 

Creating a sacred ceremony for your plant medicine consumption strengthens your direct relationship to her and, in turn, unlocks her full potential. Use these three simple steps to create your own sacred ceremony with plant medicine.

Create a Sacred Space

Your sacred space can be absolutely anywhere – out in nature, a quite space in your home, or literally any where you feel at peace to connect your energy with your medicine. Clear the energy of the space with frequent cleansing, dusting, burning a candle and/or smudging with incense, sage, or any other sacred herb. You may also use music or a sound bowl to clear the energy in this space and heighten its vibration.

Set an Intention

Whenever you engage in an activity, setting an intention means to have an awareness and defined goal, aim, or purpose. Intention setting guides your initial action and all subsequent interactions of all your activities. To set proper intention you should always research the plant, its properties, and its unique benefits to ensure your intention is aligned with what she offers.

Questions to consider when setting your intention:

  • What do I want to release?
  • What do I want to attract?
  • What aspect of my healing journey am I honoring?

Benefits of setting intentions:

  • Framework to set priorities and align
  • Activation of receptivity
  • Keeps you motivated with the higher purpose

Activate with Affirmations and Gratitude

Prior to consumption, write or recite affirmations and gratitude for the plant’s assistance in your journey. There is great power in words – affirmations fully pronounce and give power to our intentions.  While writing these affirmations down isn’t required, it may help to clarify and amplify their power.

Examples of Affirmations:

  • “I welcome you into my healing process and thank you or holding me as I process this pain and trauma.”
  • “Thank you for allowing me to express my authentic self in its highest expression.”
  • “With each breath I grow closer in love and harmony with my soul.”

Journaling your experience is also helpful as you affirm with intention.  As you consume the plant, bring your awareness to any thoughts that may come up for you. Free write in a journal or on a single sheet of paper thoughts, emotions and any ideas that present during this time.  Doing so can help you explore, expand and transform the very aspects of your soul she is healing.

Final Thoughts

Can you still realize the healing power of plants without a sacred ceremony? Absolutely. However, there is direct connection between the mind, body, and soul. By creating a sacred ceremony, you establish a symbiotic relationship with the plant, allowing you to increase her effectiveness by intentionally tapping into her special gifts.

Written by: Christina Burruss

Edited by: Veronica Castillo 

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