Branding for Cannabis Businesses; All Businesses Really

EVERYONE IS NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE! If I had $1 for every time, I heard the phrase, “I want to sell to everyone, everyone is my target audience”; I would be at the dispensary buying the finest top shelf, THC flower

Everyone cannot be a business’s target audience. Individuality creates this the reason why. Audiences vary, and people have different interests. The tone used to speak for the brand means the marketing tone and copywriting messaging cannot be “one-size-fit-all”. 

Identifying a Brands Target Audience

A brands target audience is the group of people the business/brand intends to market to. The keywords are “intend” and “business/brand”. Usually, when businesses start up, their focus is finding capital before, during, and after their business plan. 

Many times, businesses fail to stress one important factor in their daily operation: who their targeting. Identifying a brands target audience helps shifts the focus and save time. With this in mind, creating a content strategy for the brands audience becomes a little easier. 

Audience Engagement

Branding involves audience engagement and that needs to be authentic. Audience engagement focused on authenticity is what brings the razzle to the dazzle, and makes things sizzle on the inside! Post COVID-19, customers are looking for businesses that are an established brand, focused on building customer relationships, and businesses that have dropped the professional-tone deaf mambo jumbo talk. 

The world is in a new and creative day in age. Customers want to embrace and promote brands who do not fear their authenticity, and stand out from their competitors. Customers are focused on brand messaging that relatable, has emotional appeal, and made the customer fall in love. 

A good example is Bloom Farms CBD, who targets an audience of people who values healthy eating, fitness, and loves their community. Their copy, visuals, and colors to appeal to the brands target audience.

The company incorporated a community page on their website, showing off their lovely audience, using a picture of people doing yoga as their background. Their content targets their audience by using the phrase, “model a healthy, responsible lifestyle”. It’s obvious their brand targets an audience of people that value healthy eating, fitness, and loves their community. Black Dahlia’s copy, colors and pictures on their website targets their intended audience. 


Brands can be in the same industry, but identify with different groups of people. Businesses that want to attract a target audience for their brands must show authenticity: speaking in a relatable and humanizing tone, and using visuals that flow with their brand.

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Written by: Asia Mccain

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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