How Cannabis & Spirituality Co-Exist

A lot of people that consume Cannabis, are open to the spiritual realm, maybe that’s why they call it a “gateway drug”.

Spirituality is the beginning of all things that in nature. With nature, everything that grows out of the ground, has a purpose. When it comes to Cannabis, there are people who still view this wonderful plant with disgust.  

Cannabis can open you up to wonderful experiences that enhance the spiritual connection that one has with the Universe. I remember one of my meditation sessions, I smoked a bowl of Girl Scout Cookie strain. After 2 minutes in my meditation state, I could see the spiritual nature that surrounds us in all things.  

My Spiritual Journey with Cannabis

The start of my spiritual journey with Cannabis began when I was 18; that’s the first time I smoked.  At first, I didn’t feel anything, no spiritual presence. Five minutes later, my eyes opened to everything that I was around me. 

I didn’t tell anyone that I smoked because I felt shame. The shame wasn’t because I smoked Cannabis, but because I was concerned about what my church would say. I didn’t want to be judged about the so-called evils of Cannabis/Marijuana.  It was like, I was in a proverbial closet, my own little secret.  I stopped smoking Cannabis due to that fear.

One day at age 32, I let go of what people and the church thought (I left the church before that). That day, I took a hit for the first in a long while and finally embraced the affects of this sweet herb; it carried me to the truth of everything I’ve ever known.  The things I learned in church, turned out to be a lie.  

I was living under someone else’s fear, fear of what people thought. I dropped all fear of what people thought and said because I noticed that:

  • I got over the depression of my rose-colored curtains that were blocking my life view. 
  • The questions I had were answered.
  • The spiritual things that I was once told were demons I embraced.
  • It brought me that much closer to the true nature of life. 

My View on How Cannabis and Spiritualty Co-Exist 

Cannabis has very positive healing factors. To me, it’s perfect symmetry; these two things can’t help but to go hand and hand. My belief is that without the spiritual that manifests into the physical, Cannabis wouldn’t even exist.

Partakers of Cannabis generally don’t allow others to dictate the narrative that they’ve chosen. Cannabis consumers use nature (Cannabis has a history of growing wild), to heal, get closer to the spiritual, layback and chill, and live in peace. 

The most important thing to remember is this: MARIJUANA/CANNABIS IS NOT A DRUG.

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Written by: Terry Byas

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