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Cannabis Colleges, Universities, Programs and Courses

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Higher learning organizations offer many subjects for people who want to learn a skill, a trade, an industry. Many provide people with the tools needed to achieve the goals they set for themselves be it education, career, and/or community.

Today, almost every major career aspiration requires a degree, or some level diploma/ certificate of completion. The industry taking the world by storm right now is cannabis. Today, we see multiple cannabis programs, cannabis majors, and cannabis certification options popping up in many higher education institutions. We are even seeing cannabis universities and schools launching.

No matter the area one aspires to enter or learn about in the cannabis industry, there are several cannabis colleges, universities, programs, and courses to choose from, and more coming. From cannabis cultivation, to finance, to compliance, to extractions,  these higher education learning institutions are offering a variety of cannabis industry courses, degrees, and certifications.

Cannabis Colleges, Universities, Programs, and Courses

Okanagan College

The foundation of Okanagan started in 1965, and its headquarters is in Kelowna, Canada. They have over 8,000 students over 4 locations: Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and Salmon Ar. This college offers courses in cannabis, from marketing, to seed to harvest, to business fundamentals, and a variety of other cannabis courses. 

Medgar Evers College

Founded in 1969 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area in Brooklyn, Medgar Evers College received this name on September 28, 1970. It is named after civil rights leader- Medgar Evers. The college offers minors in cannabis, with cannabis courses like: business, cultivation, and branding a cannabis business.

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Tuskegee University

Founded in 1881 by Booker T. Washington, and located in Tuskegee, Alabama, this university is 1 of the 5 in Alabama that the state licenses to grow and study hemp. Courses in cannabis at Tuskegee University are offered under the Bachelor of Science Degree program.

Cleveland School of Cannabis

Black founded and owned in Cleveland, OH, this cannabis college offers courses, majors, and online cannabis certificate programs. Cleveland School of Cannabis teaches everything from: cannabis cultivation, cannabis laws, terpenes, cannabinoids and more. 

Oaksterdam University

One of the first cannabis universities, founded in 2007 in Oakland, California. They have over 50,000 students worldwide, 12 courses, 2 live classes, and 10 online; and they offer payment plan options.

Green Flower

Founded in 2014, Green Flower offers options for individuals, companies, universities, and colleges.They have partnerships with different universities across the country such as: University of San Diego, Florida Atlantic University, University of Illinois- Springfield, Northern Michigan University, to name a few. 


These cannabis colleges, universities, programs, and courses offer various educational  opportunities to help get your feet in the cannabis industry, and/or, just further your knowledge about it. Most of the listings above offer full programs online

The cannabis industry is definitely booming; before 2007, these universities didn’t exist, and some colleges wouldn’t touch cannabis as a subject. As cannabis continues to take the world by storm, there will be more discoveries and things to learn, more jobs surfacing, and more skills to learn. Cannabis focused education is a necessity. 

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