RSO 101 – An Overview and Recommended Consumption

The very first thing to know about Cannabis as a whole- everyone’s body will work, operate, and heal in its own unique way, under the influence of Cannabis. The one thing that will be the same across the board- all consumption of Cannabis is medicinal. Some may need a little more, others a little less, but regardless- we all need this medicine. And, Cannabis is natural medicine, medicine from the earth, and medicine that matches human biology.

Humans, like Cannabis, naturally create cannabinoids in their bodies through the endocannabinoid system. So, when consuming RSO- Rick Simpson Oil , and other forms of Cannabis, the most important thing to remember is that no matter what, Cannabis is medicine and that’s what’s being consumed- medicine.

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Rick Simpson Oil- RSO

Let’s get into Cannabis extract, RSO . It is known as the most potent Cannabis oil because it’s the one that keeps all cannabinoids and all terpenes.

People report taking Rick Simpson Oil for various reasons: stress, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, and chronic pain. Others consume RSO just to keep high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in their bloodstream.

Patients living with cancer, insomnia, HIV/AIDS, neurological conditions, or any sort of chronic pain can benefit from RSO. There are also reports that applying RSO directly on cancer spots, can clear them within days.

We as people consume Cannabis RSO for the same and/or different reasons, and our bodies process the Cannabis in different ways. It’s important to note that four people consuming the same RSO, may feel four different effects (using the 4 as an example).

One may feel it within 10 minutes and feel sleepy, one may not feel it for 30 minutes and feel pain relief and no sleepiness, one may not feel it for 60 minutes and then feel sudden happiness, one may feel like they didn’t feel it at all but report having a really good night of sleep.

RSO Studies and Research

Medical News Today, published an article with recent research on RSO for medicinal use:

  • Researchers studying cannabis and THC, the main components in RSO, report evidence that the use of RSO for cancer therapy, have significant benefits.
  • A study in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics found that a combination of CBD and THC enhanced the effects of radiation therapy in rodents. They report that the results seem to be promising, as it suggests that Cannabis compounds might make standard cancer treatment better.
  • A case study in Case Reports in Oncology, researched the use of cannabis oil in a child with a specific cancer, and no success with standard treatment. Her parents chose to stop standard treatment, and treat the child’s cancer with Cannabis extract, RSO. They reported a reduction in her specific type of cancer.

Recommended RSO Consumption: Micro-dosing

Photo Credit: photo from article by author in Oklahoma Chronic Magazine

Start with 3-5 drops under the tongue. If you refrigerate your RSO- it may be thicker than room temperature RSO. In that case- you want to consume the size of a dime or smaller- under the tongue.

For those with experience consuming Cannabis and have a higher tolerance, 5-7 drops under the tongue may be a better starting point. If refrigerated and thick- a nickel sized portion under the tongue may be a good starting point.

It’s best consumed under the tongue because it’s the quickest way for the oil to enter the blood stream. Using it on toast, oatmeal, crackers, etc. is ok; however, the body will have to digest it, so it will take longer to enter the bloodstream.

Photo Credit: credit: photo from article by author in Oklahoma Chronic Magazine


RSO syringes made by and sold under Vee’s up and coming brand- Mothernoid CBG, will always provide insight on the flower used for the RSO, and COA’s for the flower used are available.

RSO in Coconut Oil, the mild option:

RSO made from Cannabis CBD flower or CBG flower, extracted using Ever clear, and carried in coconut oil; is a good start for those new to Cannabis oils and Cannabis concentrates.

The 3 ML syringes consist of RSO carried in coconut oil. 3ML syringes = 3,000 MG of matter inside of syringe. Because it’s carried in coconut oil- the total cannabinoid MG’s are more in the 1500-2000 MG range (tests pending).

Reviews of this product: stress relief, pain relief, and euphoric and uplifting effects.

RSO in Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil and/or Broad-Spectrum CBD oil, the heavy/ more potent option:

RSO made from Cannabis CBG flower or CBD flower, extracted using Ever clear, and carried in full spectrum or broad spectrum, Cannabis/CBD oil is a good for experienced Cannabis consumers, and/or those with chronic pain conditions. RSO- a Cannabis oil, carried in another form of Cannabis oil, makes this a pretty potent syringe.

The 3ML= 3,000 MG of matter- inside of the syringe. Because it’s carried in a full spectrum/ broad spectrum oil- the total cannabinoid MG’s are more in the 2000-2500 MG range, plus has added cannabinoids due to the carrier oil (tests pending).

Reviews of this product: psychosomatic/mental buzz, heavy body impact/body high, insomnia, and pain relief.

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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