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The Sun is Here and the Temps are Rising

Relax into Nourishment with These Vegan and Cannabis Infused Summer Sandwich Recipes

Lately the Sun has been smiling at us from higher in the sky. The birds are singing louder, colors are brighter. Spring is in full effect, announcing the soon arrival of sweet Summer. 

When I think of summertime I’m flooded with so many good memories. Nearly all the best memories involve delicious food.  Of course every season has its staples, but Summer food just does something different to the senses. 

Salads, skewers, and sandwiches made with fresher ingredients and smokier, tantalizing flavors remind us of swimming until …family barbecues! If your family is cannabis friendly, you might have a smoking tent at the family reunion! If not, you might be in a “take a walk with cuzzo” situation (insert collective, nostalgic internal laughter… formerly known as LOL). 

Before summer gets here, I’ll be sharing some practical and tasty vegan cannabis infused recipes for summertime nourishment. The recipes are all plant based and/or vegan edible recipes (vegan might sometimes be processed, whereas plantbased will focus more on whole foods). You do not have to subscribe to any branch of veganism to enjoy them. Lighter fare that is HIGH in nutrition is good for the body and the soul! 

Check out these summer sandwiches! Look out for the *** to get cannabis infusion recipe tips. One recipe calls for salvaged, decarbed canna oil flower. For clarity that means the flower and other decarbed matter that is strained from canna oil after it has been infused.

Vegan Portobello Mushroom Sandwich 

Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich 

Less than a month until SUMMER!!!

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Recipes by and Written by: Dom Hart

Edited (for clarity) by: Veronica Castillo

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