Living on Cannabis Farms, My Experience and Plans to Continue

In April 2020, before Covid-19 slowed my travel plans, I lived on hemp farms for about a month. Fern Valley Farms CBD and The Botanical Joint, invited me onto their hemp farms for me to camp out and live life in honor of Cannabis. This was wild to many, but to inline for a Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer. I honored Cannabis during the only month that gave us 420 all month long- April, 2020, the month I paid a tribute to Cannabis.

I wanted to honor Cannabis in a special way because Cannabis saved me from migraines, and continues to leave traces of beauty in my soul. It didn’t seem like enough for me to light one up in her honor- so instead, I decided to honor her where she grows-on a farm- in nature! Both hemp farms graciously sponsored my stay in support of my tribute. 

I also had 10 other sponsors that supported me by way of survival in nature: 

Wyld CBD, MyCureAll, Higher Level Healthcare, Nusanar CBD, The Brothers Apothecary, Portland Ashwagandha Farm, Vital leaf, A Boring Life, Sky High PEO, and CanMar Recruitment.

My Time at Fern Valley Farms

I got high one day and it hit me; I needed to live in nature all of April- in the place that Cannabis grows wild, during the first time that it is 420 all month long. One thing led to another and on April 1st 2020, I arrived at Fern Valley Farms to move into my yurt. My stay there was so magical, in southern Oregon, surrounded my hemp plants, nature, and spring like weather. 

I loved it so much that I want to make it my normal way of living! Because of electricity, I was able to make coffee in the mornings and my hemp tea’s at night. I slept on a sleeping pad and inside of a sleeping bag which helped so much with those night temperatures. I travel a little heavy so- I came equipped with pillows, a cooler for food, and a pop-up privacy tent for farm showers. But- those weren’t enough so- Pilot travel centers were a frequently visited. 

I’m a plant-based eater so- meals were easy. During the days I lived on fruit, vegetables, cannabis, and water. For dinner: veggie fried rice, pizza, and burritos (the farm is close to city center). For snacks- my sponsors came through and so did the farm with Cannabis!

The energy on the farm was incredible. Every employee was warm, smiling, and mingled with each other like family does. I had everything possible. The things I didn’t even think of- the farm did and had me covered. They even set me up in a huge yurt, with an electricity source, and a space heater. I had running water, a bathroom, and outdoor furniture so that I could enjoy the scenery. 

I spent my days both working and exploring the farm. The fields, the greenhouses, the volcanoes and mountains surrounding the farm. I explored edible plants, rocks, and tried to find mushrooms but- couldn’t. 

The plants- oh the plants. Every single morning, I had the pleasure of waking up to the scent of terpenes coming from the greenhouses. I had the honor of walk through’s and starring at pounds of premium shake, pounds of huge dense nugs, and observing growers and cloners in their art form. 

During the days, I went in and visited the plants, had non-verbal moments with them, and thanked them for their glory. In the evenings, I took walks and thanked nature for the most incredible experience.

My Time at the Botanical Joint Farm

I moved onto the farm in mid-April. The set up was magical. I had my own little glamping section on the property and loved it! Sue- owner of the Botanical Joint was such a joy to spend time with and get to know. Her plants are beautiful and watching her with them was inspiring. 

Here, I found mushrooms! But they weren’t psilocybin. I had electricity here too so it made living really easy. Sue set me up with additional shelter.

April is rain season in Oregon and so- there was rain. But it didn’t impact me because I was still able to step outside of the tent and not be soaked. I had shelter, a table, chairs, and of course I couldn’t camp without my little bathroom back there in green. Yes- I even had a travel toilet. 

I’m made for this life!

I spent my days working and my nights hoping that the sleeping bag and heater would be enough. The nights dropped to 40 degrees but it was fine! I had heat! I had a dope sleeping bag from sponsors, and threw on a few layers of clothes. I used Pilot for showers here too and new that no bear would come get me because there were friendly dogs on site. They would alert.  

Farm Living 2021

I’m getting back out there! I’m planning a round of 2021 farm living starting with the west coast. I will be partnering with farms in CA and OR to camp out on their farms and learn from them. It’s all about education and information, and what better way than to camp out on site? What better way to honor Cannabis than to live with and give her all the magical energy, so that she can create magical meds. 

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I was able to do this because of the village of supporters that saw my passion for this tribute and jumped on board to help. I am forever grateful to my sponsors- and I cannot say thank you enough to Fern Valley Farms and the Botanical Joint for their warmth and giving me a beautiful and safe place to honor the plant that we all love. I arrived happy, excited, and grateful. I left feeling all those things and the addition of family. I arrived in Medford for a tribute, I left with a family. 


Are you farm or, do you know a farm- open to chatting about my plans? Maybe you/they want the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer to come through and visit their magical plants. I can’t wait to get back out there and to get back out to the two farms that supported my wild vision from the start; Fern Valley Farms CBD and the Botanical Joint. 

Sending light and love to the entire west coast who is under attack this wildfire season. 

Part of this piece is from an originally piece from the author, published in Oklahoma Chronic Magazine.

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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