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How Cannabis Helped Me with Depression

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Depression is debilitating and can have you in a state of darkness. The symptoms sneak up on you when you are at your lowest vibrations. Cannabis is a helpful herb that can help people enjoy everything that is in nature such as: taking a walk on a nice sunny day, stopping to smell the flowers, sungazing, and a lot of things that we never think about. 

For many, me included, the only way not to allow things to bother us, is to smoke, eat, vape, and drink Cannabis.  For many, being at their lowest vibrations, makes them susceptible to all types of shit. That has been my experience.

My Experience with Depression

When I was in my depressive state, it felt like everything was turning into shit. Even when the sun was bright, all I saw was the darkness of the universe, like a shadow of the sun’s former self. It felt like the walls were closing in on me. I sat in my room with the dark curtains, closed to the bright day that was out there, in a world that I wasn’t worthy of.  

When I looked in the mirror, it reflected someone who was old before their time. I looked like someone who just gave up on life and just going through the motions of a non-essential existence. The feeling of “nothing” (I no longer believe that “nothing” exists) depleted me of the joy I once found in the things that I enjoyed before: writing, reading, learning different languages, and watching TV shows that make me think.  

I remember repeating conversations about subjects that I’ve already had, and having memory lapses about the simplest things.  I was in a relationship; however, I didn’t know how to balance a relationship and this debilitating illness that was new to me.  Also, the only feeling I could feel was anger because I wasn’t happy with the way things were going in my life.  

My First Experience with Edibles Was Great for My Experience with Depression

One day when I was in the “eye” of the hurricane called depression, I was thinking about joy. The only time I could feel joy, even for a little bit, was when I consumed Cannabis.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know where to get some. A friend of mine, introduced me to her “friend” that made edibles.  In my state, I thought I wouldn’t feel anything, because I felt hollow on the inside.  

The first kind of edible I had was a Strawberry Cupcake. I consumed for the first time and I didn’t feel anything at first.  I was playing my video game when suddenly, I felt euphoric, I could concentrate and focus, I seen the sun for the first time, and I needed to get light into my house. I opened all the curtains and blinds, for the first time, and I could smell the roots coming from the different vegetation that was around.  

I could hear all that nature had to offer. My food tasted better, I stopped looking older than I actually was, and I no longer wanted to be closed inside myself.  I consumed edibles and smoked; I loved the feeling and didn’t want to let it go.  My depression dissipated and I no longer felt anger towards things that I could control.  For the first time in a long time, I felt like I could do anything and not dwell on things that have already happened.

That is how Cannabis help me with my depression .  I developed the most wonderful outlook on the very nature of life that surrounded me. Many despisers of Cannabis, say there is no way that depression can be treated with Cannabis . I say, let them keep thinking that, soon enough they’ll wonder how the person that is high can enjoy life, and they are losing their mind with the pressures of life brings.  

In closing

Here’s my question: how can someone tell someone else what works for them, and many times, they don’t know what will work for them?  Also, my tip: when feeling depressed; smoke a bowl, eat an edible, let your feelings out, even if you got to talk to yourself. However, you must not do this one thing: keep everything inside of you because it will influence you.

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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