Reflections on CBD, Race & Some Much-Needed Hope in 2020’s Darkness

There’s no denying that we’re at a challenging moment in history. This country is more divided than at nearly any other point in our history. Racial injustice rages on, even as more and more of us speak out to end the systemic racism inherent in many of this country’s operations. 

It would certainly be easy to give up hope and return to our pandemic safety mode—staying home, where its safe and calm, and reveling in what we can control: time with our family, and the operation of our two businesses—It’s Good Organics and 12Twenty CBD

At the same time, however, these operations (especially 12Twenty CBD) show us that hope is always just around the corner. You see, we’re minority business owners, but we’re not just in any business—we’re working in the Cannabis industry, supplying our customers with high-quality hemp extract CBD products. And it feels like the story of CBD mirrors the story of minorities in our country.Giving us hope for our children, and a possible way forward from this moment of darkness in our country. 

How it All Started

Neither of us set out to rule the world of CBD. We grew up in Long Island, and Westchester County. But our paths didn’t cross until our first semester of college, 21 years ago. At that time, we knew we’d move forward together. We just weren’t sure what that path would look like. 

After graduation, we both jumped into the corporate world. We took on strategic roles in senior managing operations for mid-sized businesses. We liked the work, but dreamed of more. At the back of our minds, there was always the idea of throwing in the towel and just going into business on our own. 

While we worked and dreamed, we also focused on our health. Fitness has always been an important part of our relationship, and we were equally conscious of what we put into our bodies for fuel. 

We preferred to eat organic food, but found it frustrating that organic products are so expensive compared to conventional food options. We were looking for a way to introduce clean, organic offerings into the food chain with more transparency and affordability. And that’s when we knew it was time to be brave: It was a gamble, but we decided to take a chance on ourselves…and it has paid off! But we weren’t ready to stop at organic foods. We knew there was more to build. So, we kept on going. 

The Next Chapter of an Organic Lifestyle

Once you’re eating well and conscious of what goes into your body, a logical spin-off is to explore more organic ways of living and healing. In that way, turning to CBD felt like a natural progression for us. So, two years after starting It’s Good Organics, we launched 12Twenty CBD. 

Now, there was more to this founding than just progression. As Cannabis products continue to gain wide-spread acceptance, we believe that the organic industry will eventually see the benefits of using CBD as a food ingredient.  And when that happens, we’ll already have a footprint in both worlds. This means we’ll be perfectly positioned to build a major brand in the CBD industry…a world that has changed so much in just two years. And one in which we expect to see even more changes in the months and years to come.

Changing the Cannabis Narrative

Having seen the power of CBD, it’s shocking to us that this Cannabis extract was only legalized in 2018. Thankfully, the population is completely waking up to that fact, for the best part of a century, they have been lied to about Cannabis and hemp plants, and systematically misinformed by the central government about its effects and properties. 

Basically, the Cannabis story has taught us that we need to question everything. And we hope it does the same for you. But this dynamic goes so much further for us than just changing the way we look at plant extracts. It tells the story of our country. 

The narrative you’ve heard for years is not always the truth. We may be told that racial inequalities in this nation are a thing of the past. Yet, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the fact that this particular story is unequivocally untrue. 

Still, in the face of frustration, there is hope. As 12Twenty CBD products find their way into the lives of everyone from fitness professionals to athletes, arthritis sufferers, and those living with chronic pain, we see people waking up to the true power of CBD. And abandoning the stigma they were told to associate with anything even remotely tied to CBD. 

We hope that, moving forward, the same will be said for the racial divide in this country. We have reason to hope that people will wake up to injustices, and do a better job as anti-racism activists. And, as we hope that this country’s shift in justice will mirror that of Cannabis reimagining, we return to the things we can control. Our business and our family’s story. 

That’s why, as we build a legacy for our children, we hope to teach them one important lesson. 

The best way to break through the glass ceiling is to build your own house. Remember that determination will always be your winning attitude. And small failures are always precursors to big success. 

Written by Featured Writer: Daniela Young and Justin Young, 12TwentyCBD

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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