House of Weird Perfection

Parents, Creatives, and Business Owners Discuss How Cannabis Consumption Helps Them

All herbs are a part of our everyday life but Ganja holds a very special place in our hearts.”

Hi we’re Vernon and Cheryl Clements, and we are the creatives behind the brand and company: House of Weird Perfection. Marijuana, who we also call Ganja, is very special to us. If it was not for Marijuana, we don’t think our business would even exist! Maybe not entirely but, it sure makes the shit hella better!

House of Weird Perfection is a multimedia company specializing in 3D printing, wood/acrylic laser cutting and engraving, embroidery, stickers, hats, and original apparel. As artists, our minds can go a mile a minute and so, Ganja helps us slow down and figure out what we want to come up with. 

We are two different creative minds that need to be able to come together, and make some dope shit in a timely manner. What does that best for us is, without a doubt- GANJA.

Ganja also helps in many other ways. Business for sure, but Ganja also helps us come together in other aspects of life.  It helps us talk things out like adults in all corners of our marriage. We found that the more relaxed we are, whatever disagreement we have, isn’t more important than treating each other with respect and love. 

Our favorite way to consume is the good old fashion way… a blunt of Larry OG and/or Grand Daddy Purple.

We have one beautiful daughter and three awesome grandkids! We’ve never hidden our love for Ganja from our daughter or grandkids. As for our daughter, she smokes and we are talking about growing together, and learning about the benefits of ganja other than the smoking benefits.

We haven’t talked to our grandkids about it yet, but we are going to teach them about it when we have them growing herbs/flowers with us. We’re here to educate so the shunning of this herb becomes a thing of the past. 

We aren’t religious but we’re very spiritual and regardless of what people believe, we believe that Ganja is directly connected to God! 

Written by: House of Weird Perfection

Edited by: Veronica Castillo