20 Benefits Associated with Hemp CBD Tea Consumption

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Humans have been consuming tea since the beginning of time, and for good reason. Tea is known to have a multitude of health benefits: cardiovascular health, weight health, mental health, and stress health. Changing the tea game one cup at a time- hemp CBD tea

Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC (0.3% or less), making it perfect for body relaxation and stress relief. THC isn’t water soluble any way so, no need to worry about getting high (though I think it would be an added pleasure). Hemp tea is generally created by using crushed hemp flower, hemp buds, hemp seeds, hemp leaves, and hemp stalk. 

Brands like 2 Dye 4 Creations, Sky & Wyatt, Whole Circle Farms, and The Brothers Apothecary, make hemp CBD teas, infused and paired with other healing herbs. I can’t be without hemp tea!

20 Hemp CBD Tea Benefits 

Because hemp tea is made with hemp flower, hemp buds, hemp seeds, hemp leaves, and hemp stalk, the following benefits/ health benefits are tied to hemp tea:

1. Hemp seeds/hemp hearts are a great source of vitamin E.

2. Hearts/seeds are a good source of fat.

3. Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids good for the heart.

4. The seeds/hearts are loaded with omegas 3 and 6- good brain food.

5.  Hemp seeds are a plant-based protein source.

6. Like many seeds, hemp seeds are a natural fiber aiding in healthy gut.

7. Hearts/seeds are packed with folate, niacin, and vitamin B6.

8. Extracted hemp has antioxidant effects helping boost the immune system.

9. Hemp contains high levels of nitric oxide good for artery and veins.

10. Reduced inflammation and therefore soothing for conditions like arthritis.

11. Hemp, seeds/hearts, are a good source of iron.

12. Can aid in reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause due to hemp seeds containing Gamma-linolenic acid.

13. Hemp tea with CBD can aid with lowering neuropathic pain.

14. Infused with CBD, hemp tea can aid in treating anxiety and stress.

15. Hemp flower contains CBD therefore teas with crushed hemp flower can aid in soothing chronic pain.

16. Hemp seeds contain zinc and potassium.

17. Hemp flower has neuroprotective properties good for managing conditions like M.S.

18. Seeds/hearts are a good source of calcium.

19. Because of the omegas found in hemp, it can aid in improved skin.

20. Hemp seeds contain copper and aid in healthy bone density. 


In one loose leaf pack serving and/or one tea bag/satchel, are combined benefits that form a little health miracle. Because most of the plant is used to create these tea blends, this form of hemp CBD consumption very impactful. In one cup of hemp CBD tea, one can treat many layers of the body at once. 

Not only rich in hemp and CBD benefits, but also other medicinal plant benefits. Herbs have been healing us for years, and now that hemp has been freed, we can benefit from the super seed/plant/flower/stem/leaf.

Important note: a little coconut oil/avocado oil is going to be needed when making hemp CBD tea. CBD needs a little fat to activate. 

Written By: Vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer

This piece is a revised piece that was originally written by the author, and published in Oklahoma Chronic Magazine