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Get to Know the Contributor’s- Christina Burruss

I am an island transplant, originally from Hawaii, living on the mainland in Southern California.  I am a single mama to three young kiddos who teach me more about myself and life than I ever imagined possible. I earned a double degree in Political Science and Sociology at UCLA, my dream university, in 2000. 

In my senior year, I fell in love with the study of the human condition and shifted my field from pre-law to sociological studies. (Can you imagine my parent’s reaction?!) I went on to build a 20-year marketing career in the Consumer Electronics industry, where I gained world class experience as a market researcher, product marketer, and company spokesperson. 

I’ve worked for and with some of the world’s biggest brands and spoken on stages at some of the world’s most revered trade shows. As a planner by nature, it has been a learning experience to embrace life’s unfolding path with full faith that The Universe always has my back.  In 2019, my professional career took another turn when I left the corporate world and jumped into entrepreneurship.  

As a marketing consultant, I now work with brands and individuals to authentically express their purpose and value. I have also been a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach for the last 3 years. I help my clients release trapped energy, align their chakras and heal through past traumas.  

I have a deep passion and insatiable appetite to realize a life in full alignment of mind, body and soul. Maintaining a high vibration and navigating my own healing journey, I am in constant quest to learn about how Mother Earth serves to nourish and heal.  

In 2012, my mother passed away after a 17-month battle with Cancer. After battling a long bout of depression and finally escaping my abusive marriage in 2013, I found a renewed lease on life. I am living proof that the darkest of trials allow us to find our inner light and strengths. I have been living my purpose and share my story to empower others to manifest the life they were born to live. 

I am excited to share my passion for organic vegan lifestyle and insights on how medicinal plants hold the key to a healthy life and soul healing. I will be sharing tips, tricks and amazing recipes that will tantalize even the most pickiest of palates.  I will also be sharing my personal journey with plant medicine to educate and inspire others who seek total healing from Mother Earth. 

Thinking back on my mother’s illness and how little information was available to us at the time through her ‘health care providers’, I have made it my mission to share what I know about a holistic approach to healing and health.

In 5 years, I will be a published author and speaker, teaching others how to live a life of spiritually aligned wellness. I’ll be traveling the globe and spreading my positive energy to lift the vibration of those who seek to uncover their passions and purpose. MOTE IT BE.

Written by: Christina Burruss

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