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The Hash Bash 2022 50th Anniversary event was electric! It was their first time being in person after two years of being online due to COVID. Dedicated activists organized the first Hash Bash in April 1972, and it’s been going strong ever since. Now that sales of recreational cannabis are legal in Michigan, the Hash Bash has become an even more significant event of advocacy and celebration.

I will never paint a picture of myself being an expert on cannabis. I used to confuse the differences between indicas and sativas. I’ve sampled different strains from time to time, but I don’t consume often. I have many close family and friends who do, though. I’ve watched someone who was failing high school because of depression, and once they started treating themselves with cannabis, they graduated with honors. I’ve also witnessed a loved one who suffers from chronic pain use it as medicine, and it allows them to function productively in everyday life with a smile on their face. 

Once I saw these transformations, I became interested in the science, data, testimonials, and medicinal truths about cannabis. I was always made to feel as though it was a “gateway” drug and the “Devils” grass when I was younger, so I was scared and curious at the same time.

I began to do my research and questioned everything I was taught. I started to operate in the mindset of “if it works for them, who am I to judge?” Which began my journey to reach out to the cannabis community and learn more. Connecting this way allowed me to no longer be ignorant and begin operating in the space of education, awareness, and non judgment. 

I was also led to CBD and remember having neck pain that caused me to be in excruciating pain for three weeks. I was exhausted, cranky, and my mind was foggy due to the lack of sleep. I hadn’t had a good sleep for weeks. I used an infused salve and felt instant relief. 

I’ve connected with a lot of the cannabis communities on my journey to learn and share stories. One of those stories being Vee’s-the Traveling Cannabis Writer. I saw her page and wanted to understand her journey. She appeared on my show, The Breaking Bread Village, to talk about her self-discovery with cannabis and how it changed her life. I began to follow her work and have appreciated her knowledge and perspective on the cannabis industry as she travels all over the country on an exploration of all things and people in cannabis. 

So, when she asked me to step in to cover the Hash Bash and their 50th Anniversary in Ann Arbor, MI- I said YES. 

The Hash Bash 2022

Day 1

The Hash Bash 2022 festivities ran from Friday, April 1-Sunday, April 3, beginning at 3 pm. They had live music, vendors, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nesselin attendance, some Michigan House Reps, and John Sinclair. John is a poet and pot activist whose prison sentence of 10 years for possessing two joints inspired the first Hash Bash in 1972. The Hash Bash highlights marijuana legislation, the cannabis industry, and cannabis activism. 

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On Friday, as I pulled up, the energy and the aroma hit me from the Wyndham Garden Hotel parking lot. The vibe was perfect from beginning to end. As soon as I got there, I was greeted by security and sent to private parking. At the registration table, a man that happened to be 76 yrs old chopped it up and told his story. He has owned his canna-business Dab House for over 20 years. He spoke to me about how it’s helped him feel young and have clarity. 

The space was filled with laughter, smiles, and diversity. From 20 something to 70 something, everyone was there celebrating cannabis. A self-proclaimed hippie shared that it was her 20th year attending, and I was able to share space with a college student that stated he attends Hash Bash “not to feel judged.” I loved seeing their freedom to walk in their truth. Many local and out-of-state vendors were wall to wall as I walked through the entire building. I was able to speak to a few and get their story. It was magical. 

A mother and daughter team greeted me as I passed by. The daughter who owned Baked Brat Edibles for the past five years started her business to “help people naturally.” She created edibles and oils, using RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, to treat her patients who are autistic and struggle with Parkinson’s, agent orange, cancer, and fibromyalgia.  

Katz of Lit Katz Factory shared her beautiful story. She shared that she’d been using Cannabis for a long time after seeing that she didn’t like how prescription drugs made her feel and didn’t like the side effects. She realized that canna helps her personally. Katz also mentioned that her husband and co-owner, is a cancer survivor and used canna to help him through the healing process.

Day 2

The next day had a completely different yet powerful vibe. It was amazing to see. The streets surrounding the University of Michigan were filled as far as the eyes could see. People traveled from all over, and the space was filled with advocates, enthusiasts, and retailers. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan in 2018, the Hash Bash has been focused more on record expungement for those carrying drug convictions for other plants like mushrooms. 

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Many groups, such as Decriminalize Nature Michigan, were there asking for signatures to put the Michigan Initiative for Community Healing on the November 2022 ballot. This would help to lower penalties and legislation around all drugs. There were many speakers there to advocate and share their testimonials, such as: Attorney General Dana Nessel, Joel Zumaya, a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers who admitted to using cannabis as a form of pain control, and other speakers who spoke about their prison experiences and the need for record expungement.  

Hash Bash Honoring History

One speaker who was missing was John Sinclair, who is hospitalized, which Adam Brook, “Mr. Hash Bash,” announced while reading a poem from John titled, “Aint Nobody’s Business.” Hash Bash started fifty years ago, then named Hash Festival, four months after a freedom rally to support AnnArbor poet and marijuana activist John Sinclair, who was serving a ten-year sentence for possessing two joints. After his conviction, Michigan’s felony marijuana law was declared unconstitutional, and Hash Bash was held on April 1, the day after new state laws with lesser penalties took effect. 

Review of Products Received at the Hash Bash

Since I am not a frequent THC consumer, I asked Midwest Moe to be my stand in and sample the products, so a review could be included. And, I wanted someone with experience because everyone deserves an honest review. Below, you’ll hear from him.

Growing up in Detroit, I first heard about the Hash Bash sometime during my middle school years. The event was like an urban legend to us. After all, who would believe there was a legendary gathering of mad-chill, like-minded people who shared their most prized cannabis creations with the public for free? 

This event was done in love, not to mention a rebellion against the unfair laws and stigmas associated with marijuana. In my neighborhood, police did not allow much to “slide” on any level, so I could not fathom the concept of an entire gathering consisting of folks blazing and partying in the open.

Fast forward many years, one can argue that the folks behind the Hash bash have had an integral role in the legalization of marijuana. Not only on a medicinal level; but for recreational use as well. I believe this was achieved through education, love, a genuine desire to help people out, and generosity. 

Now, let me give my two cents on the best of Hash Bash. By the way, these are not listed in any particular order:

LITKATZFACTORY– The founders of this company had a great origin story dealing with marijuana used to treat anxiety and even cancer within their family. Their LOGO was the coolest, and I found it interesting how their business cards have an “IYKYK LITKATZFACT.” The card I had read, “Cannabis kills cancer cells and slows down tumor growth.” I am no medical doctor myself; however, I have heard this opinion from holistic doctors. Along with the many medicinal benefits, the two joints provided by the LITKATZ people had a relaxed yet inspiring effect. This was the type of smoke you could write a novel or compose a song to. Full-body relaxation without dulling the brain. A-1 grade bud with a great flavor.

Photo by Author

Med-Tree Cannabis Company I recall that the strain provided by the Med-Tree folks was called “Potato Runts,” which I found strange. The flavor was interesting (different), but the smoke was familiar, let me tell you. This bud provided a high-powered experience, sustained over a more extended period than I would have suspected. This strain is evenly balanced for hybrid lovers at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This one goes into a category I call, “The weekend is here, so let’s get it.” The perfect blend for a weekend hang out or movie night with your friends and loved ones. Some may smile more than usual, and jokes may seem funnier while enjoying this one.

Blissful.BudzThe people from Blissful Budz also blessed us with a splendid sampler. The name says it all. I’m talking about a friendly, relaxed, High-End bud, the definition of blissfulness. I switched on my mix of Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s “Jazz is Dead” music collection to this one, smoothing out a long work week. From Roy Ayers and Doug Carn, all the way to Marcos Valle, I laid on my back with my eyes closed and experienced a grand concert within my mind. This music meditation of sorts is a process that I take part in now and then, aiding relaxation and stress relief. I acknowledge, respect, and adhere to the importance of self-care a great deal. An occasional spliff while chilling in the tub with some Epsom salt and lavender oil can work wonders for you. 

Third Eye Muse- These folks provided an excellent sample as well. I remember how freaky their logo was, and the bud strain was just as unique. Hats off to the Third Eye Crew. I was “zooted” on this one (an old man’s term for fried, clam-baked, etc.). I jumped on this one, disappointed by another joint I had smoked a little bit earlier (from some other group who will remain unmentioned). This bud crept up on me, and before I knew it, I sprang into action, being able to check off everything on my to-do list. 

Baked Brat EdiblesShout out to Baked Brat Edibles. Great tasting delicacies prepared with love, tenderness, and THC. I have not been big on sugar, candy, or pastries; however, I enjoyed these Brat’s goodies. Excellent treats for someone who prefers not to take in smoke but still wants the effects.

Munchery 4.20- Last but not least, we move to the infamous Munchery 4.20. The logo should tell you these folks are no joke, let me tell you. If you are not careful with this stuff, you may overdo it as I did. Allow me to explain. Imagine a chocolate-covered peanut butter cup. Dark chocolate, by the way (which is less sweet and healthier than milk chocolate, according to many). 

 Now, I will explain how I rate an edible. First, how is the taste? Some edibles have such an overwhelming “weed butter” taste that it overshadows whatever the desert is supposed to be. Even worse, some edibles have a chemical type of after taste. Not the Munchery 4.20 butter cups. These jokers taste great, like a natural peanut butter cup with real ingredients.

I started with half of a peanut butter cup, which may have been approximately twenty-five milligrams. I have had edibles before, so it was no big deal. Here is where I jacked up, though. Sitting up watching the television, enjoying the first candy I’ve had in a while, I messed around and ate both full cups within about a forty-five-minute period. Let me tell you. Before I knew it, I moved the party to the living room floor. 

Don’t let my story scare you either. Munchery 4.20 ranked highly among my favorites overall. When responsibly enjoyed, edibles like Munchery 4.20 and Baked Brat Edibles are great alternatives to smoking or vaping cannabis products (or in conjunction with if you so choose). 

Until we meet again, take care of yourself and those around you. And keep blazing it up responsibly.

Written by: Erin Patrice, The Breaking Bread Village

Review by: Midwest Moe

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