Hello, if you don’t know by the title, let me remind you who I am.  I’m Terry Byas, I like to repeat my name like Mike Jones, “who?”- Mike Jones.  Just playing (LOL), but seriously, I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois but raised in a town called Rock Island. I graduated high school in the last year of the 20th century- 2000. 

Remember, there wasn’t a year zero, so the real millennia was in 2001.  I went to Job Corps in Utah or as I call it- U-Haul, and graduated there with a C.N.A license.  Then, I earned my diploma in Medical Assistant Technology. About a year ago, I wrote my first book: Full Circle: The 360 Degree Philosophy, and I’m one of the contributing writer’s for the https://veetravelingvegcannawriter.com/ blog.

I love writing: books, blogs, and short stories.  I discovered this passion at the age of 15, when I wrote my first short story for my 9th grade class. By now, I forgot what it was about.  At the age of 17, I wrote a poem about the Holocaust, it was published in my high school newspaper, so I guess you can say that was my first published piece.  Being a writer has so many opportunities, especially when your creativity is not being stiffed with rigidity.  

I cover many topics such as: cannabis, spirituality, philosophy, and all around getting rid of the stigma of marijuana usage.  Expect the topics to be sort of, “what’s normal for the spider, is chaos to fly,” type of articles.  My work is designed to make you think on a higher plane of existence and entertain you at the same time. My work will also give you the philosophical reasoning of why cannabis and other natural medicines of the earth, are not only essential to our overall health, but also the building blocks of what we need, not what other people dictate our need for these medicines.  

I’m real big on not having other people’s narratives being controlled by those outside of that person, you’ll see these kinds of things in the articles I write as well.

My plans within 5 years are drinking, smoking weed, and getting into all types of ill shit. I’m joking again (LOL), but seriously though, I plan to have my own dispensary even if I have to move to Canada, but first learn how to grow and cultivate cannabis.  

Part of my business plans are already are in motion.  I have my own shoe on Alive Shoes, I have my book on Amazon, and I’m about to start my podcast.  Also, I’m planning on going to a Cannabis University, so I can get the piece of the pie that others are getting off the backs of those who got wrongfully convicted for selling a medicine that is helpful to a lot of people.  

I want to help others who got wrongfully put in prison for selling this medicine, to get their rightful piece as well.  In my plans, take the funds from the sells of the product and invest in canna stock, then invest in some land to build a village in the farther future.

That’s me in a nutshell.  Hopefully, you enjoyed this glimpse into who I am and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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