House of Puff Review – A Brand Inspired by Today’s Modern, Driven Woman

Modern woman; as describes, is knowing how to take charge of your own life. Being responsible for your own actions and not afraid to take well-thought out risks. The modern woman knows she is “Boss” and makes no apologies when making her own decisions. House of Puff did a magical job creating a product line that shows this description in their products. 

House of Puff is a female-led business, influenced by the latest trends in art and fashion. What I love about this company is that their products are designed with intention:

We believe that careful attention to detail can make a big difference in your experience. From a round edge to a high-gloss finish, design thinking drives every decision we make.”

House of Puff believes in living life distinctively, and therefore, they created a brand that curates, listens, and inspires. Partnering with other artists and creators, the House of Puff line has offerings that represent diversity. 

Founder, Kristina Lopez Adduci, a latina (Puerto Rican) from the east coast, who has had her own struggles with anxiety and pharmaceuticals, says that this company was started because:

I had this voracious appetite to find a solution that worked for me and the women I know.

Something else that stands out- something else that I admire about this company, Kristina and her unapologetic stance on the highly function woman that consumes Cannabis. In an interview with Forbes, she stated:

I’m a woman, a minority, and a cannabis user. That’s a triple whammy. I’m also a mother and a successful entrepreneur. Some people still can’t wrap their heads around a highly effective woman who smokes cannabis. I’m out to prove them wrong”.

My Review

The Rise & Grind Candle

I light this beauty up every morning. She smells amazing! Her dry down notes are: coconut milk, hyacinth leaves, liquid amber + sandalwood, and her heart notes are: white fig, lime, patchouli + iris. The candle is created by Joya Studio and packaged in New York City.

This candle is hand poured, with all raw materials, and perfect for setting the mood- just like it says on the site. I love to have my morning bake while inhaling her notes. My morning is always off to a great start each and every time I greet it with the rise & grind candle

Galactic Rolling Papers

Made from hemp, the galactic hemp rolling papers are easily disguisable as oil blotting sheets. These are thin, slow burning papers for those that want to stay away from tobacco. Each booklet of rolling papers comes with 33 sheets for 33 king sized joints!  

I confirm that they do burn slowly, they are easy to roll for those used to it. I struggled a bit but that’s because my rolling skills are a little weak.  The silver and very classy packaging are attractive and the papers came with a set of matches.

Le Pipe

This little thing is so cute! It’s pink and classy and small enough to fit in a wallet. I’m more of a paper smoker and so- pipes aren’t totally my thing; however, I totally recommend for those that do use pipes. I like that it’s a clean, easy, and simple design. The glaze on the porcelain pipe is non toxic and Le Pipe comes with a guide for keeping a pipe lit. 

The items came with a white pouch which I love because I can keep everything together. 

I totally recommend House of Puff! Check them out and live life unapologetically!

Written by: vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer

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