Make it Vegan, Load it with Cannabis, Keep the Ingredients to a Minimum and I Am All Over It!

Credit: Lunchbox Alchemy 

Lunchbox Alchemy Review, because no one should eat hooves

I consume Cannabis, primarily to treat a chronic pain condition, but I’ll be honest, I love Cannabis and also consume it because of that love. I believe it helps me in all aspects of life- even when hunger strikes. 

I was so excited to sample Lunchbox Alchemy (LBA’s), vegan squibs and mini-squibs. The first thing I noticed: a basic ingredients list, followed by a detailed Cannabis label! It made my vegan, cannabis infused gut really happy. 

Lunchbox Alchemy is an Oregon based company that makes dope vegan, cannabis infused squibs- similar to gummies. Their squibs are made with all natural and organic ingredients, and available in over 350 dispensaries in Oregon and California. The ingredients label is easy to read because the ingredients are identifiable: coconut, spirulina, sugar, and cannabis to name a few. 

The Review

Lunchbox Alchemy has a wide selection of vegan- THC and CBD, Cannabis infused edibles. Circular in shape, with bright fruit flavors, and the perfect level of sweetness, the: cherry, grape, green apple, black raspberry, pineapple, and strawberry squibs/gummies, ranging from 5 mg- 10 mg per serving (mini squibs), and/or 50 mg- 100 mg per serving (squibs) provide an amazing elevated state. 

LBA’s Squibs and Mini Squibs are so good, with a texture that is soft enough to melt but hard enough to chew. The fruit flavors are vibrant, creating a party for the taste buds. Because of my tolerance, I started with 10 mg (2 pieces) of the THC mini squibs. The full-spectrum Cannabis oil hit my blood stream fast. I felt the impact of the cannabinoids within 20-30 minutes.  

I had the effects of a hybrid high; my creativity woke up (the impact Sativa has on me) and tension left my body (the impact that Indica has on me). I had the best of both highs at one time- I was happy. The impact of the 10 mg was felt for quite some time. I consumed the mini squibs in the morning and was still high at lunch- it was great! I experienced a happy high, very relaxed and euphoric. 

For bed, I consumed about 25 mg of the Pineapple Squib (25 mg =half). Such a beautiful sleep I experienced. I honestly can’t remember the transition. I was lying in bed and, one minute I was awake and the next, it was 6 a.m. I didn’t wake up groggy though. I woke up feeling rested, very refreshed, and very happy.


I love the focus on detail, and LBA’s passion for creating clean and healthy products. The product packaging is made from recycled paper, using biodegradable inks, it’s informative, educational, and even lists the company’s lab address.

The Cannabis dosages make this product suitable for beginners and experienced/frequent Cannabis consumers. The full spectrum Cannabis oil ensures that you are receiving the wide array of the compounds found in Cannabis: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

I recommend!

This review is a repurposed version of the original review, written by author for Cannabliss Magazine, a Centennial Media publication.

Written by: vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer