Dreadlocks, Cannabis and Spirituality

There have been many stereotypes about people who have dreadlocks: people with dreadlocks are dirty, all they do is smoke weed, they are too lazy to keep up their hair, and other uneducated bullshit. People that have dreadlocks are wearing a hairstyle, tied to a lifestyle change, usually associated with spirituality.  Spirituality usually plays a part in the decision making process because those that tap into that realm, understand that hair is the crown and our crowns are connected with the energies of the Universe.  

What are Dreadlocks 

Dreadlocks are hair strands that are matted together into a lock, resembling a twist. The word dreadlocks came from those that were in awe of those whose hair was locked together.

The ancients believed that the hair is attached to the Central Nervous System, and that it picks up signals that come from the Source of all spiritual things.  When they dreaded their hair, it was believed that the signals they received were stronger. 

And of course Cannabis is ancient medicine, so the practice of consumption of Cannabis, mushrooms, and other plant medicines were consumed to be in tune with the messages that they were receiving. Think of it as, the dreadlocks are receiving the messages and the plants are helping everything make sense.

The spiritual practices with cannabis and dreadlocks are used even today, especially in the practice of Rastafarian religion. They believe that they become closer with Jah when they smoke Cannabis and have their hair in dreads. 

Dreadlocks and cannabis are also in the bible. It is said that when those figures grew their hair, they took a Nazirite vowel in which they couldn’t cut their hair, due to the spiritual attachment that came with it. 

The Gift of Dreadlocks

Having dreadlocks teaches that patience is not a virtue, it’s a seed which must be planted in fertile soil of your existence.  It also teaches that not everything is quick and easy, anything worth having never is. Dreadlocks offer peace, connection with the Source, and show you things that you never knew about yourself.  

The spiritual aspect of cannabis with dreadlocks, will have you questioning everything that you have done in life and you’ll wonder about everything you were taught.  

Why I Decided on Dreadlocks

When I got my dreadlocks, it definitely was for spiritual reasons. I could feel the energy around me for the first time in my life and when I started smoking cannabis, it was the strongest feeling I ever had.  I didn’t care about the stereotypes; I knew I wanted my hair as a symbol of freedom and not having to worry about society’s hang-ups.  With the combination of cannabis, I got out of that matrix of what others think and be true to myself.

In Closing           

That’s what it means to have the combination of spirituality, cannabis, and dreadlocks. If you’re thinking about it- do it! Live your life, don’t worry about what this person or that person thinks about how you live and what you do, because at the end of the day, when the smoke clears, everyone has a path, that they have to walk alone.  So, relax, dread up,  roll up and smoke out.

Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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