A Guide to Rolling a Blunt w/Video Instruction

A step by step guide on rolling a Blunt/ Rolling a Hemp Wrap Tutorial 

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Have you ever seen someone roll a joint or a blunt , and you know they’re not doing it right? The first reaction you may have is to be pissed off because they are sloppy, half-assed, and the weed is falling out the one end. Well don’t be mad at that person, especially if they’re a novice of the fine art of blunt rolling.  This is a time to teach.

Those of us that consume cannabis- marijuana, may have had some trouble with this in the beginning. When you see your fellow cannabis marijuana consumer struggling to roll up their medicine, reach out and say, “hey brother, hey sister, let me help you with that”. You may find yourself a new best friend, especially when you show them a skill that will help them in their medicinal plant. 

For the new to cannabis smoking, or the experienced cannabis smoker that usually has someone roll their blunts- this how to roll a blunt tutorial is for you. For those that can’t tune into the video- the steps are below. But, even if you can’t listen to sound, it may be a good idea to press play any. This how to roll a blunt tutorial is also a visual. 

We here at the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer website and blog, are here to help those that struggle with rolling blunts and joints. The tools and instructions given will create an expert blunt roller in no time.

What is a Blunt and Which Blunt Wraps are the Healthiest

A blunt is what we call the already rolled up cigar. A blunt paper/wrap is the paper that holds the contents inside. These are usually made with tobacco and so, many smokers use hemp wraps, also known as hemp leaf papers. Those that smoke tobacco papers may do it because the tobacco adds a little extra to the high. 

Smoking is not really healthy at all, but for a healthier smoke, leaves are used more than papers. Tobaccoless blunt wraps have been huge. Some of those brands are Cannagar, High Hemp, Raw, and King Palms.

Tools Needed For Rolling a Blunt

The tools you need are: 

  • Cannabis/ Marijuana
  • Grinder
  • Blunt/ Paper/ Wrap 
  • Lighter. 
  • Patience

Steps to Rolling a Blunt

The steps are crucial for rolling a blunt:

1.      Open the wraps or cut open the cigar to take out all the tobacco out. 

2.      Grind up the cannabis/ marijuana. Only grind what you’re using. If there are seeds, make sure you take them out before you grind it, you may need them for later (wink wink).

3.      Curve you wraps or cigars so it will be an aerodynamic shape to put the cannabis/ marijuana in- so it won’t spill out.

4.      Fold over the end where the cannabis/ marijuana was placed and pinch it, then roll it again so you only have the closure part of the wrap or cigar showing.

5.      Take the part that is about to close the blunt, fold it over, and use lips and tongue to close and seal the blunt. Make sure you use just the right amount of saliva to seal it. Too much will make it fall apart, too little it won’t close.

6.      After you’re done with closing the blunt, use your lighter to dry out the saliva.

Here is the full video:

In Conclusion

When we learn a new skill, we need to have the mentality of, “each one, teach one,” then the student can become the teacher. So, now that you all are on your way to being great blunt rollers, remember that here in the cannabis community we live by the rule, “sharing is caring”. So, share this tutorial with everyone you can think of, that needs a little help rolling their blunt full of plant medicine. 

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