Best CBD Products to include Your Skincare

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The advancements in skincare formulas has transformed the skincare industry in a much needed way. Thanks to developments in scientific technologies and testing protocols, people are understanding that there are better alternatives to the skincare products that were all the rage back in the early 2000’s. Now there are hundreds of men and women replacing their old skincare routine for formulations with new and innovative ingredients that have proven, clinical results. 

As if the cannabis plant isn’t already the holy grail of all the world’s flora, the CBD oil that can be extracted has properties that are extremely beneficial to your skin! Thousands of small and corporate-sized businesses who dabble in the skincare industry have started creating skincare products with CBD as the headliner ingredient. 

As a skincare junky, I love finding new products to include into my daily routine, especially if I can support small, BIPOC, and/or women-owned businesses at the same time. That’s what I’ve included a list of some my favorite CBD skincare products that I’ve tried so far that definitely make the cut.

The benefits of CBD for the skin

CBD is known for its amazing healing properties, and offers some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the whole body- skin included. CBD can be beneficial in treating skin complications like: inflammation, dryness, eczema, and damage from the free radicals that surround us. Studies and aestheticians like  Ildi Pekar, state that CBD might also be effective in fighting acne because it can help reduce the production of oil in the skin. 

5 CBD skincare products you should be adding to your skincare routine!

Whole Circle Farms CBD Massage Oil– A long day’s work deserves an even more relaxing night. Let your muscles unwind with this CBD Massage Oil from Whole Circle Farms! But not only is the massage oil soothing, but the rest of the ingredients will leave your skin super hydrated. With safflower, apricot, and almond oil, your tired skin is going to thank you, especially during the winter!

Whole Circle Farms harvests their organic hemp with sustainable and ethical practices they’ve adopted after 20 years of organic farming in California. All their topicals and various hemp products are hand-crafted to give people the full benefit of such a versatile plant.

GenoType CBD Face Glowing Creme– Looking at the ingredient list, I was pleasantly surprised to find Lactic Acid was among the group! This is a great chemical exfoliant that’s still gentle enough for those with dry or sensitive skin. The GenoType CBD Face Glowing Creme can help even out skin discoloration and improve hydration. One of our writers, Christina Burruss, recently posted a write-up of her personal experience and results!

GenoType is owned and managed by Sheena Myers, the first black woman hemp farmer in Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley County, South Carolina. You can read more about her cannabis journey in this interview given and written by our own blog leader, Veronica Castillo. 

Korasana Menthol & Arnica Full Spectrum CBD Salve– A CBD salve that can heal my body aches and pains while also enriching my skin is definitely a must-have. Korasana’s Full Spectrum CBD Salve contains menthol for that cool, icy sensation while the Arnica targets inflammation and discomfort. It’s also made with coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter, so you know you’re getting just as much hydration as you are pain relief!

Korasana means ‘Wellness to the Core’ and that belief comes through with their products. The company partners with various boutique farmers, producers, and testing labs throughout Colorado and Oregon to cultivate high-quality products with as much transparency as possible. Nothing is more important than the potency and purity of their products. 

Jozuri Full Spectrum CBD Nourishing Body Creme– Talk about a CBD body creme that’s just as nourishing as it is sweet smelling! I don’t know if it’s the sweet almond oil or if vanilla is part of the fragrance, but this is what my mind thinks of when I picture real body butter. The formula is nicely whipped but not too heavy where I feel like the creme isn’t letting my skin breathe. My hands in particular drank this up and felt instantly soft. No doubt because of the high concentrations of Safflower Seed Oil, Glycerin, and of course the CBD oil!

Jozuri’s commitment to quality manufacturing is one of the highlights of this company. Each of their products goes through six different analysis testing to ensure there are no harmful contaminants that could affect public safety. Yet another great black-owned skincare business that does things right!

Calm Better Days Kiskanu Hemp CBD Facial Oil– While my skin is rather dry, super thick moisturizers and lotions, especially for my face, don’t feel comfortable. That’s why I’ll sometimes opt for a product with a gel-like consistency or a facial oil. So when I saw the Kiskanu Hemp CBD Facial Oil from Calm Better Days, sticking this bottle in my bathroom cabinet was a no brainer. Cold-pressed oils are literal heaven for your face, and this product has some of the best ones, including sunflower, argan, coconut, and jojoba oil! 

What I love about Calm Better Days is their commitment to helping those dealing with severe anxiety and stress. The owner, Amy Chin, expresses how much CBD helped in her own life by giving her the ability to be more patient with her kids and take in the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Personally, I’ve felt this kind of relief from my own anxiety thanks to various cannabis and CBD products. Her company’s mission to spread the joy CBD can bring and the positivity you get back in your life from calming your anxiety and stress makes this a business I will always speak about to others. 

Add CBD to your skincare routine permanently!

CBD topicals are not only some of my favorite cannabis products, but the formulations just keep getting better and better every year! I take my skincare routine very seriously, especially since I rarely wear makeup in any way shape or form. The products I buy aren’t picked without doing a ton of research on the ingredients. These CBD skincare products thoroughly surprised me and I can’t wait to see how these businesses only further advance their skincare lines in the future!

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