Why Cannabis SEO plays a Vital Role in Your Business’s Online Marketing Strategy

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Over the last decade, 44 states in the U.S. changed their laws regarding cannabis use, sales, and some have even decriminalized the plant completely. Such massive milestones in legislation reform finally paved the way for state-legal medicinal and/or recreational marijuana use, and put the entire cannabis community on the map. 

But now that ganjapreneurs have a shot at making a real, stable income from their shared admiration for this beloved plant, does this also mean they’re getting a fair shot at marketing cannabis brands and products just like any other reputable and legal business?

The short answer is no; at least not yet.

Paid Ads Are Off-Limits on Platforms Like Google and Facebook

Many popular digital marketing methods that professional agencies and other industries can include in their online marketing strategy, are restricted to cannabis businesses. Because regardless of new state policies, under federal law, cannabis is still an illegal drug. 

All major social media platforms explicitly state in their terms of service that no sales or advertisements are allowed promoting illicit drugs. That means paid ads across any social media sites, including Google, are non grata for cannabis businesses. 

So then, how can it be that these cannabis businesses are still up and running? Why has such a key component in a company’s online marketing strategy not forced more dispensaries to shut their doors?

Cannabis SEO is the Best Way to Go

Here enters the beautiful world of SEO, my friends.

Cannabis SEO is the bong and lighter to your cannabis marketing strategy. No business in any industry can go without it. SEO is the holy trifecta of digital marketing. It can boost brand awareness, boost search engine rankings, and increase the number of quality organic traffic, all in one expertly planned cannabis SEO strategy.

By analyzing existing organic search traffic, you’re getting insights into the greatest aspect of your whole business: your potential consumers.

Having a Cannabis SEO Strategy Will Optimize Your Content

Even today, companies still make a habit of overstuffing their copy with every quality keyword to rank higher in organic Google and Bing searches. This is a tactic pulled straight from the ancient scriptures of SEO content marketing.

We’re all aware of how much Google’s algorithm has changed, especially in how Google ranks websites and other content based on what people type into the search bar. Understanding the intent behind what your target customer base is searching for, is how you’ll build an effective SEO strategy.

Keyword research and incorporating cannabis-related keywords are still important, but the way people search is how Google’s algorithm ranks what content and information, will answer the user’s question best. And now with mobile phones, search habits have evolved even more. In truth, there are probably more ‘mobile consumers’ when compared to those using a laptop or desktop. 

Smartphone capabilities continue breaking barriers with digital marketing, and voice search is a huge tool that even today’s marketing agencies are under-utilizing. People talk differently compared to how they type, so it adds a new layer to how cannabis SEO and keyword strategies need to be revamped to include long-tail keywords that are also mobile user-friendly. 

When you’re able to understand what your audience is looking for, it gets easier to tailor your content for blogs, landing page copy, and social media posts based on how and why consumers are using Bing or Google search to find their answers. Therefore, both your cannabis SEO and content strategies can better guide consumers on their buying journey and increase the potential to have them become a returning customer.

How Can Your Cannabis, CBD, or Hemp Business Utilize SEO to Rank on the First Page of Google?

Whether you run a dispensary or manage an ecommerce business, everything from your content to how your website runs lets Google’s algorithm know if the information you’re providing is good enough to rank on the first page of results. 

Cannabis SEO is your best friend in digital marketing. If you’re not already incorporating SEO into your cannabis marketing strategy, then this piece is a sign that it’s definitely time to start! 

Everything that can help your cannabis, CBD, or hemp business rank higher in Google search includes:

  • Creating different kinds of content that matches what your target audience is searching for.
  • Sharing relevant and quality social media posts that receive tons of engagement. 
  • Optimizing your website and page load speed,
  • Providing valuable information in your blog posts,
  • Making video content. 

All of these marketing elements and more work hand-in-hand to boost your cannabis SEO strategy, increase brand awareness, and get consumers talking about your cannabis business.

Stop Limiting Your Cannabis Company’s Earning Potential and Build a Rock-Solid Cannabis SEO Strategy!

You’ve come this far and waited this long to finally own and operate your own cannabis business. It’s time you reaped the rewards of your persistence and patience. Not utilizing cannabis SEO limits that earning potential. 

SEO is here to stay, and until paid ads aren’t under lock and key, keywords and stellar content should be at the forefront of your cannabis marketing and SEO strategy. You have the tools, the technology, and now the knowledge; so now, it’s time to implement everything you’ve just learned and start killing the cannabis SEO game!

Written By: Alyna Paparazzi 

“I’m Alyna, a writer from Florida and strong advocate for the mental health community. Through my writing and advocacy, I hope to add an educating voice that helps the with mood disorders learn to navigate life in a calm and self-fulfilling way. I consume Cannabis as a means to understand and connect with the world.

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