Cannabis Book Review: A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis by Nikki Furrer

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We were all cannabis newbies once. Maybe, there was a time when we looked forward to smoking our ‘dirt weed’ and very rarely cleaned our bowls and bongs. But now we’re better educated and have experience. We know better than to buy vape pens off the street and how to properly use blunt papers.

As the cannabis industry has expanded, so has global curiosity from people of all ages, races, genders, and religions. While many parts of the world are just scratching the surface of what this plant can do, here in the states, you can’t go down a street without seeing a Cannabis dispensary, CBD store, or smoke shop.

More and more people are wanting to understand all the benefits that come with consuming cannabis, but with so much information out there, how does someone know where to start? How can they streamline their searches to find the right answers to the questions they have? Well, besides the veetravelingvegcannawriterblog, the book being reviewed in this piece offers insight and information for all the cannabis curious and intrigued people out there.

Here enters A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis, written by Nikki Furrer. Nikki, a lawyer, cultivator, and Chief Cannabis Officer at Fleur, took all the questions every cannabis newcomer will ask and answered them in detail. She explains how to navigate a cannabis dispensary, gauge your tolerance, choose the right product and strain for your needs, and so much more.

As Nikki explains, “This lively, knowing, and information-filled book is just the supportive guide you need.”

Understanding All the Reasons Why We Should Be Using Cannabis For Mental, Physical, and Mental Health

Cannabis can be used for almost anything: 

  • Pain Relief
  • Enhancing Mood
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty
  • Mental Health
  • Fiber
  • Fashion 

Nikki goes into full detail about all of these areas, including how to buy cannabis at a dispensary. I’ll admit, even though I worked for a cannabis company in the past and was well-versed at what went on inside the dispensaries, it really is nerve-wrecking stepping inside and seeing so many options.

This book does a great job at explaining the process. I believe it’ll help readers not feel so intimidated the first time they step into a cannabis dispensary. Nikki explains:

  • The ways you can consume cannabis medicine
  • How each method works
  • What each method does for the body
  • Recommended products based on symptoms/ conditions

Nikki knows exactly what it’s like buying cannabis in the 21st century and she outlines it perfectly in her book. She spares no expense talking about pricing and the types of products the dispensaries will be selling. There are also some FAQs written in asking things you would normally hear a patient ask their budtender.

Learn About the Many Ways You Can Inhale and Exhale Cannabis

This section holds no punches in explaining all the ways a person can smoke cannabis. Every tool needed is mentioned and explained. The book also teaches how to smoke that first joint and the best kind of vaporizers for more discretionary cannabis-consumers.

I love the little guide which includes how to judge the quality of cannabis flower. Sadly, with some of these larger corporate cannabis companies, leadership isn’t always well-versed on Cannabis. This makes room for all the over-priced, smoke-and-mirrors products that could definitely be better. The worst part is that unsuspecting newcomers and folks like grandma, are walking out thinking it’s the best they’ll ever get.

There’s a chart in the book that describes every aspect of cannabis flower: high, mid, and low-quality. Now you’ll know if what you’re stuffing into your bong is ‘Instagram Worthy’ or not even worth Target prices.

Cannabis Edible and Topical Recipes are in Abundance and Simple Enough For Beginners

Put your apron on, because we’re headed to the kitchen! This book is full of  great recipes for CBD topicals AND edibles that are male and female-friendly (for those seeking vegan recipes- check out the vegan infused and non-infused recipes on the veetravelingvegcannawriter blog). Nikki didn’t leave out pets; there’s even a recipe for dog treats! 

What I love most is that all the math and measuring is already done and laid out in clear detail. Nikki provides guidance each step of the way- even when it comes to actually extracting the oil. This way any cannabis cooking novice can feel like a pro!

I’m also glad that there’s a section included about overdoing it on the edibles. The reality is, cannabis can be a mind-altering medicine. When used properly and safely, the risk of something bad happening is virtually non-existent, but a lack of the right knowledge is how all bad accidents start. There are indeed negative side effects that can impact different kinds of people and they need to be made aware of what those symptoms are so they can seek the right help if necessary.

Nikki’s explanation of cannabis topicals hits each nail on the head. Skincare is a huge concern and taken very seriously. Too often, companies focus on their branding more than the formulas they’re creating. This section is a no-bs overview of how topicals are great for reducing pain while also enhancing one’s beauty.Quick kudos as well to the fact that the book mentions how fragranced products can actually irritate the skin. 

Like The Book Says, It’s Not Just For Women; It’s For Everyone

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis, unsurprisingly, is an incredibly helpful and useful book for women of all ages to read, but it also has its place on a man’s bookshelf. The information isn’t gender-restricted, regardless of how much of the content is meant to appeal to the female demographic.

Grab this book up and give it a read if you’re looking for something light-hearted and simple, yet educational. It’s the perfect book for someone being introduced to cannabis for the first time! Nikki understands the buyer’s journey from beginning to end and will make you feel like a cannabis wiz, even before you’ve taken your first hit.

“I’m Alyna, a writer from Florida and strong advocate for the mental health community. Through my writing and advocacy, I hope to add an educating voice that helps the with mood disorders learn to navigate life in a calm and self-fulfilling way. I consume Cannabis as a means to understand and connect with the world.

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