Big Momma’s Legacy, a Cannabis Infusion Company

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Being a journalist and product reviewer, I spend much of my working day on social media. I come across thousands of Cannabis companies with many reaching out to me to try their products, in hopes of reviews and posts to help boost their brand or company. I keep an open mind and ALWAYS do my research, but it is challenging to find unique brands with products that speak to me.

A few months back, I received a DM on Instagram from a company that I had not yet heard of – Big Momma’s Legacy. Bridgett Davis, the owner, reached out looking for support from the Cannabis community as she had entered the final round of the 2020 Green Quest (I get into this more later) and wanted to spread the word. I immediately looked up Big Momma’s Legacy and what I found was not only heart-warming, but a totally unique product I really wanted to try!

Below I discuss: Cannabis topicals, how cannabis topicals work, the benefits of cannabis infused salve, and the story of a cannabis infused topical company.

The History

The Legacy of Big Momma dates to the 1940’s. It starts with Rachel Richardson known as “Mrs. Richardson”, across the town of Hanford, CA, an exceedingly small town, then and now. Her beautiful, warm smile and compassion were felt by all that came across her. Big Momma loved to help others and enjoyed having tea parties. She treated herself, her family, and many others with topicals, salves and teas until her death in 1994.

With generations of brains and beauty fueling her, Big Momma’s great, great granddaughter, Bridgett Davis decided to carry on the family tradition. Alongside owner Bridgett, is the family’s fifth generation of salve makers, using Big Momma’s recipes to reinvigorate all into a Cannabis infused topical line. The crew prides themselves on products that are all natural and lab tested, created using only high-quality Cannabis that is locally sourced.

The Mission

Big Momma’s Legacy aims to provide quality medicine, education and even employment to others, senior citizens, particularly, enabling them to self-medicate in a safe way. The Cannabis infusion company puts efforts towards opioid misuse among older Americans.

“We aim to tackle the widespread misuse of pharmaceutical drugs that has been shown to lead to abuse and long-term health and dependency issues by offering an all-natural, safe and effective alternative.” – Big Momma’s Legacy.

The Future

Big Momma’s is in the final round of the 2020 Green Quest, held by My Green Network. The first, dedicated Cannabis Shared Spaces facility in Southern CA. According to their website, MyGN is the fastest, legal, and most economical way to sell your Cannabis product to the largest Cannabis market in the United States.

The winner of Green Quest 2020 will receive a fully paid type S Cannabis license for shared manufacturing at the My Green Network Orange County facility, subsidized monthly rent for shared space at the facility, in-house branding and packaging design, and legal assistance for business formation and trademarks. This could mean HUGE things for Big Momma’s Legacy!

My Review of Big Momma’s Legacy Cannabis Infused Salve

To really understand the benefits of a salve or topical, you must know what the purpose of it is. Salves are used as a medicinal or soothing agent for the skin, muscles, or wounds. It can help dry, chapped skin, sooth sunburns and even assist with eczema.

Being that I have super sensitive skin, salves are my go-to because lotions tend to irritate and inflame my skin. Not only that, but I am also sensitive to smells. That being said, I am more of a difficult consumer to please.

When I received the cannabis infused salve from Big Momma’s Legacy, I opened it up and was extremely pleased by the look and smell. It was a gorgeous color of tan and smelled delicious! Obviously, I did not want to eat it, but I did want to rub it all over me! I used the salve on my hands, wrists, and neck in hopes of relief from my carpal tunnel and chronic neck issues. It went on smoothly and was incredibly soft on my skin. It soaked in thoroughly and did not leave a greasy or oily residue.

About 45 minutes later, while typing on my laptop, I could feel the relief setting in. My wrists became less tight and I found myself able to stretch my hands and my fingers without the usual pain. My neck and shoulders became relaxed and I could feel my stress and anxiety (that normally settles in my neck and upper back) drift away. Within the hour, I was pain free – not to mention my skin was feeling fabulous!


I am using the salve daily and I am so grateful! Big Momma’s Legacy Cannabis Infused Salve reduces my pain, stress and leaves my skin silky smooth. It will be my go-to when lower back pain starts, and my elbows get dry. I very HIGHly recommend the topical line. Thank you, Bridgett, and all of Big Mamma’s Legacy! Keep up the amazing work!

Written by: Nicole Stover AKA “Canna PinUp”

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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