10 Tips for Buying Quality Cannabis – Marijuana

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The demand on cannabis never goes down. Cannabis dispensaries are mushrooming, but some of them are selling low-quality cannabis- marijuana, and if you’re a novice, it’s easy to get played.

Unless you bought weed that smelled as horrific as a roadkill, if you’re inexperienced, you probably have no other way of spotting low-quality weed. The quality of cannabis typically hinges on how it’s grown and preserved, but you want to consume it before it loses its freshness.

As you consume more cannabis- marijuana, and transform into a veteran, the easier it will become to tell good cannabis apart. Here are 10 tips for buying quality cannabis- marijuana

1. Green-Hued

To me, quality cannabis marijuana is typically green, with hints of purple or gold. The green color is indicative of excellent cultivation and storage. If you come across cannabis that appears rusty-brown or yellow, that could mean that it was sungrown…but can also mean that you should steer away from it. If cannabis buds turn white it is an indication they were subjected to excessive light during cultivation, could also mean mold.

2. Strong Aroma

Quality cannabis has fresh buds, and has strong and pleasant scents, depending on the terpene profile. These aromas range from fruity, spicy, diesel, etc. Low-quality cannabis might have a diminished scent, or a repulsive odor, a sign that it came from an unhealthy plant, or it’s too old.

3. Well Defined Bud Structure

Quality cannabis– marijuana Indica buds, usually have a compact structure while Sativa buds are feathery. However, if poorly cultivated, Indica buds can lose their compact shape. Quality cannabis buds have an even structure; deformed or loose with open stem buds, are usually low-quality.

4. Hand-Trimmed Buds

After harvest, cannabis buds need to be trimmed, a process that involves removing leaves from the buds. In my opinion, hand-trimmed cannabis buds have far greater quality than machine-trimmed buds. Trimming machines usually do a poor job and also destroy a huge percentage of trichomes.

5. No Mold and Pest Activity

Cannabis plants attract different pests, and their activity reflects on the low quality of buds. Poor storage also leads to mold outgrowth that manifests as powdery substance. Avoid such cannabis not just because of its poor taste, but also that it could pose a health risk.

6. High Quantity of Crystals

Crystals are simply trichomes. Highly-potent cannabis strains usually harbor massive trichomes. If you’re looking to get an intense high, ensure that the marijuana buds have a high quantity of trichomes. Buds with a large quantity of trichomes have a high THC level.

7. Orange Pistils

Always go for cannabis buds with orange pistils. These orange pistils are the sex organs of the female cannabis plant. Cannabis consumers prefer female plants as they have great potency. Orange pistils also indicate that the plant is mature.

8. A Bit Sticky

In my opinion, the best cannabis is neither too moisturized nor dry. Dry cannabis burns up quickly; not good. You may keep your cannabis buds from drying out by employing proper storage. To tell whether your cannabis buds are too dry or too wet, put the buds in one of your hands, and press your hands together; crackling sounds mean that your weed is too dry, but if there’s no sound at all, it means your weed is too wet.

9. Organically Grown

Our advancement in agro-technology enables us to create synthetic plants. You may want to know whether your stash originates from organically-grown cannabis or synthetic plants. Chemically-enhanced cannabis is not nutrient-rich and can have negative health implications.

10. Seller Reputation

If you intend to buy cannabis from an online seller, it’s prudent to know what previous customers think about the seller. You may search online for customer reviews to see whether previous customers had a positive or negative experience. It saves you from losing your time and money.


Cannabis businesses are popping up like crazy, but if you’re inexperienced, you can be blind to low-quality cannabis buds. There are various things you have to have in mind to buy quality cannabis. Some of these things include the smell, color, and appearance of cannabis buds. As you consume more cannabis, you’ll eventually become a natural at spotting quality cannabis.

Written by: Tim Murangiri

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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