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A Review of 5 Cannabis Products that I Discovered in 2020… and Others I Can’t Stop Raving About!

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We all have our favorite strain of Cannabis and even a favorite way of ingesting it. Some of us are just too busy during the day to take the time to rest our minds and medicate properly. We, as consumers need options, and with so many products on the market today, how do we know what really works for us before spending our hard-earned dough to find out?

One way is product reviews; they have become an instrumental component for businesses everywhere. I am always checking reviews to get the opinions of others to help me make an educated decision before purchasing items. Unfortunately, we cannot always rely on the word of the manufacturer or retailer, and I look to fellow consumers, like myself, for feedback.Reviews can be highly informative and give a different perspective of the product. 

Here are 5 Cannabis products that I tried this year, that really stood out to me, and some that I just cannot stop talking about!

1- Kiva Confections has launched Lost Farm, a plant-based edible brand which is the very first from Kiva to use strain specific, 100% live resin, for that true-to-the-plant-high. The effects feel distinctively stronger than traditional edibles and they are delicious. Gummies are out now; chews will be out soon! You can pick these up on the Kiva Confections website.

2- MARLEY CBD announced the availability of their CBD-infused wellness shots! They are, of course, made with the highest quality, plant-powered ingredients and include full-spectrum CBD extract, made from whole hemp plant, including stems, leaves and flowers. The relaxation and overwhelming feeling of contentment comes on quickly and carries you throughout your day. These products can be picked up at local retail stores and pharmacies.

3- Rare Dankness Genetics has blessed us with Rare Hindu. Being a true lover of Afghan Kush / Afghan OG, this is the new one for me as it has a similar taste, smell and effect. This unique strain crosses the pure Indica Hindu Kush with Rare’s #2 OG and voila! Gorgeous nugs, frosty coating and loud AF! I very HIGHly suggest a Canlock jar, not only to keep it fresh, but if you’re looking to keep it discreet! Rare Dankness is based out of and distributes seeds solely in Colorado, but I was lucky enough to get hooked up at a local dispensary as the strain has made its way out to Cali!

4- Milk Makeup released Kush Mascara this year and it has women everywhere talking about it! Ingredients include plant-derived oil fused fibers to create thickness and volume. With a tapered, tree-shaped brush and criss-cross bristles, application is a breeze and clump free. My lashes have never been so luscious looking! Kush Mascara is vegan, gluten-free, paraben and talc-free and can be ordered on the Milk Makeup website!

5- The most recent miracle product I discovered is Korasana’s Full Spectrum CBG Oil Tincture. Although this product was not released in 2020, I discovered it just a few months ago. It is made from organic, non-GMO extracts and comes in a delicious vanilla flavor! Made from high quality hemp grown in Oregon along with a variety of naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids, including CBG, CBD and CBC.

The tincture is available in two strengths, 900 mg and 1200 mg and very reasonably priced! I put 12 drops under my tongue and hold it for 20 seconds, for a full calming effect. I also add it to my coffee or tea if I have the time to make it! It keeps me cool and calm throughout the day and helps me to manage my stress, anxiety and neck pain. I do not know how I have gone so long without it and I never want to again!

Final Thoughts 

Despite the tragic events that took place this year, the Cannabis industry has continued to grow exponentially, and I believe, it will only continue to do so as legalization and decriminalization expand world-wide. With 2021 just around the corner, it is exciting to see what Cannabis will bring us in the new year, not only as business owners, but as consumers as well.

Written By: Nicole Stover- Canna PinUp

Nicole Stover “Canna PinUp” is the founder and owner of CannaVirtual Services, CannaPyx and Nicole is a Journalist, Photographer and Advocate for Cannabis and Psychedelics as she believes both have incredible healing benefits. She works closely with professionals in the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Industries as an event and project manager. Not only does she contribute to Vee Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer Blog, but Nicole created a journal called The CannaHaze. With Cannabis and Music being two of her greatest passions, most of Nicole’s writing converges these subjects. 

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