CBG White Flower from Willamette Valley Hemp & Seed, LLC Review

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I am a BIG fan of old movies and witty, nerdy banter. If you have ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, then you will understand the initial tone of this review. Thank you in advance.

So, I’m a rising THC consumer, normally. But when I received a hemp flower care package from Vee, with CBG flower from Willamette Valley Hemp and Seed Co., I laid off the THC and switched to CBG-Modelo- White flower for rising inspiration instead.

Most stoners are looking for an inspiring LIFT in the morning, to get us going to help us perform at our best mentally. When we have down moments, the herb holds us up. We roll up or stuff a bowl with the pungent sativa and then off we go. THC leaves us floating almost literally! 

I didn’t know what to expect with CBG so, when I received my package, I was a blank, curious canvas.

The Handling 

I’ve experienced other non-THC leaning flower, but this CBG-Modelo- White is something else! From the aroma of fresh dried earth with slightly sweet notes, to the easy break down in my own two hands, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. White. I didn’t really need a grinder to get the consistency I wanted for my session. Definitely a plus! 

The Method of Choice for Consumption

Papers are usually my go to for smoking. However, I prefer to gain a full first experience of herb; this means the cleanest smoke, so for my first sesh with Ms. White, I chose to use a pipe. I’m not used to smoking THC free buds; because of that I genuinely want to make sure my trials aren’t muddied by taste or smell of the chosen medium.

The Sesh

Our session was long enough for me to truly feel the elevation of my mood and outlook for the day. I sat alone in bliss early on a Tuesday morning with my pipe and Ms. White. We sat in the sun and laughed (I laughed)…we smiled (I smiled).

The schnozberries taste like schnozberries, but Ms. White tastes like a floral bouquet, in the high grassy meadows of a romance novel cover mixed with kush-y notes. I may have detected a bit of gasolina, which I loved. 

When Ms. White was done giving me the best of her, she settled down to a smolder and then went out quietly. I continued on with my morning with no headache and had a calm first couple hours of the day.

Flower Information/Analysis

Photo Credit: 1st Lady of the West Coast

CBG is nearly THC-free at 0.2%. This can be unsettling at first for stoners that don’t usually indulge without canna’s decarboxylated, psychedelic profile. To me, CBG is a lighter side of CBD, although both types of essence are not psychoactive like THC. My suggestion for those that are curious as I was:  smoke your CBG on a fresh day, without the lingering of THC. While the two can be mixed (which my husband did, readily) for the best feel of results, keep your flowers separate. 

Happily, Ever After

As a mama of 4, sometimes I need my herb to give me a brain massage. CBG White from Willamette Valley Hemp and Seed, LLC  was a nice change from the flotation. She was a spectacularly awakened rest. I recommend her for stoners that need a change up in their routine. For me, she wasn’t a LIFTER, more like a settler of nerves.

You can find CBG- Modelo- White here on site really soon! In the meantime, you can also contact Vee. As I progress in my stoner journey, I am definitely interested in experiencing more CBG! 

Peace, Love, and Cannabis 💫💚🍃


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Written by: Dom Hart

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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