Cannabis Content Marketing Strategy For B2B

The following is focused around content marketing and selling Cannabis related products to wholesale B2B accounts . If you are trying to generate more sales for your Cannabis related business as a wholesaler, you’ll need digital content marketing. It will play an intricate role within your overall marketing strategy.

Key Similarity Between B2B and B2C

The key similarity shared between B2B (business to business) content marketing and B2C (business to customer/consumer) content marketing strategies, is that both focus on identifying, and attracting your target audience, nurturing them throughout the buyers journey, ultimately converting them into sales.

Identifying Your Target Audience

One of the most effective ways for Cannabis businesses to identify their target audience is to try picturing themselves as the customer, as if they were viewing things from their position. From there companies can develop the ideal buyer persona for their products.

My advice is to take an approach that places your target customers first. Knowing your key demographic, engaging with customers to learn about their pain points, and knowing what and where the audience is most engaged, will greatly contribute to an effective Cannabis industry B2B marketing strategy.

How to Provide Value to Potential Customers

Provide value to your potential customers by publishing search engine optimized content on your website, blog, or social media. If you help them with something it often increases a sense of loyalty towards purchasing from you with those who may be interested in your type of products.

If your wholesale customer’s needs are always placed above all else, your Cannabis business will probably experience marketing success pretty quickly. Project to your customers that you will be placing their needs first following the tips below.

Generate More Wholesale Purchases Providing Quality Content

The information should be able to answer all of your customer’s questions regarding purchasing Cannabis products in wholesale quantities. Keep in mind that all of this information should be showcasing the key benefits and highlighting the possible advantages your product can provide for them.

  • Providing actionable content to your B2B customers; the key to winning their business.
  • Regular, frequent, SEO optimized blog articles at intervals of one week or less; keeps your hemp/CBD company on potential customers’ radar while they are shopping to purchase what you’re selling.
  • Follow-up content, coordinated with your sales team; can boost your sales to incredible levels.

Publish content that positions you or your business as an authority within your industry. People who are looking to purchase hemp or CBD in wholesale quantities likely have a lot of questions.

Successful Content Marketing Is the Same as Successful Selling

The key to successful CBD content marketing is the same as successful selling – provide useful information that can help target customers solve problems and answer questions associated with buying CBD and hemp wholesale. Wondering what to post? As a good CBD wholesaler, you’ll want to publish content on your website or blog with answers to frequently asked questions. 

CBD and Hemp Content Marketing is Not a One and Done Tactic

It’s not enough to just publish one piece of content on your website or to post one blog article that answers all (or a few) questions in one read. If you regularly publish content that answers potential customers popular questions in your field, then you will gain your potential customers trust depending on your advice.

If it is good advice you will have them wanting to become subscribers to your newsletter for more great info. This helps you convert a potential customer into a sale. This is also how you can build yourself into an authority as a B2B Cannabis industry professional . You may even have your following regularly engaging with every blog article you publish.

With authority comes the customer’s trust, which is always important with B2B Cannabis marketing and wholesaling. Consistently publishing cannabis blog content builds your online visibility and brand awareness.

Content Advice from My Experiences

I have been gaining experience in both B2C and B2B cannabis content marketing for quite some time. I’ve been creating content, developing blog content, and providing consulting on content marketing strategies for Cannabis industry related clients for quite some time.

A great trick that I’ve picked up on over time: posting SEO optimized blog content consistently, (several times a week), will assist greatly growing your web presence, help establish you as an online authority, and potentially grow online sales over the long term.

In Conclusion

So now you know how this strategy is implemented, you see it’s not really that complex. SEO and digital content is very effective for Cannabis B2B marketing . If implemented correctly, the traffic to your websites blog, will begin to generate a growing amount of views over time. The more views, the more potential customers, the more potential customers, the higher the possibility for generating an increase in sales.

If you would like to learn more about content marketing for cannabis industry businesses feel free to reach out by using the hyperlinks below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you now have a better understanding of Cannabis industry SEO and content marketing strategies.

Written by: Ethan Wehr

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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