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5th Quarter w/ Marvin Washington, Superbowl Champion Businessman, and Cannabis Advocate

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When introducing Mr. Marvin Washington, it’s easy to get excited about his athletic accomplishment; his 11 year NFL career (he played for the Jets, Broncos, and 49ers) and Super Bowl Championship are awe inspiring on their own. Still, Marvin Washington is more than just a highly accomplished athlete; he is a successful financial businessman, advocate, and educator. Mr. Washington is a powerhouse of forward movement in any direction he steps, including his most recent steps in the cannabis industry. 

I got to sit down on a call with Mr. Washington to discuss some of his latest ventures, his bridge between the athletic world and natural healthcare, the community relationship, as well as his own relationship with cannabis. Just prior to the debut of his new cannabis tv series, Mr. Washington is rife with knowledge that rolls off the tongue with ease, but more importantly, with healing intent!

Marvin Washington- About Athletes For Care

Mr. Washington is a founding member of and player advocate for members of “Athletes For Care”. Athletes for Care (A4C) is an organization that advocates for the health, safety, and thriving lifestyle of athletes and “people… living with mental and physical illnesses including anxiety, depression, and CTE”. A4C specifically advocates for the consumption of cannabis as medicine and integration of all of its constituents into the well-care of said individuals. Education, awareness, and perpetual community efforts have been the crux of the mission. 

While discussing his role as an advocate, Mr. Washington drops some knowledge about his and fellow players’ experience with the NFL and cannabis consumption, as a form of therapy to cope with symptoms of CTE, concussions, and daily well being. He has experienced the healing power of hemp and also recounts witnessing fellow contemporaries heal with cannabis or hemp: 

“Cannabis is an all natural alternative to opioid use. It is non-habit forming, an extremely important factor for athletes, who are frequently prescribed opioids for treatment of injuries, depression and  anxiety, as well as game day readiness. 18 weeks of habit building opioid use creates a dependency that’s hard to break, especially when it carries livelihood. Many players prefer to consume cannabis in the off season and between testing windows, knowing that it prevents the travesty of addiction, while simultaneously fighting the more than unfair “rules of the game.”

Although the NFL has loosened the criteria for testing threshold (from a maximum testing limit of 35 nanograms to 150 nanograms of THC)  it’s a wonder that there is still testing at all. Thankfully there are other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG that produce the same healing agency as THC with minimal psychotropic effects. 

Marvin Washington: ABout 5th Quarter on Cannected TV by 420Media, LLC

Photo credit: 420Media, LLC

“5th Quarter”, is a new show featured on CannectedTV, by 420Media, LLC, a multimedia, multi service company that focuses on global cannabis education and brand recognition through technology and media. The company is dedicated to telling the stories of consumers, advocates and entrepreneurs related to every aspect of cannabis, from CBD to edibles and more. 

420Media, LLC aims to break stigmas and build brands by utilizing digital strategies, access to direct buying power, navigating content creation and distribution, and above all, continual education of the masses. 

CannectedTV is the “omni channel” powerhouse of 420Media, LLC utilized to reach the world with cannabis news and products. The channel can be accessed on all platforms including AppleTV and GooglePlay. Tune in to connect with information and resources! 

The first episode, which aired on November 25, 2021, kicked off with a candid conversation between Marvin Washington and Boo Williams. The colleagues discuss Mr. Williams’ experience with NFL bylaws, looming CTE symptoms, and his life-saving cannabis consumption and rehabilitation. Most important in this story is the level of care Mr. Williams accounts while navigating depression and the road to wellness. 

Mr. Washington, so effortlessly broaches the subject of cannabis consumption and recovery, as well as the disparities between opioid dependency and cannabis as effective treatments. Later episodes feature in depth interviews and more sports figures, a cannabis nurse and pharmacist, parents, and more! Mr. Washington hints at a more public inquiry manner during our interview. 

He specifically talks about the Black community, the “GLOBAL MAJORITY”, as he says (what a winning combination of affirmative words!)

The Global Majority can thrive by passing information along and helping each other as we always have, despite reports of the opposite meant to slander what we know as our true nature; to love and to heal. 

We can expect to see members of the cannabis community, who may be unrecognizable to us, but are the faces of cannabis that need to be reassured, their consumption and education is important to the further education of those around them!

Marvin Washington- About Cannabis Consumption and Family

When I asked about Mr. Washington’s personal relationship with cannabis, he was very forthcoming. His family obviously benefits from Mr. Washington’s efforts as well as their own social experience! 

He consumes CBD vitamins everyday for general wellness and sleep. His mother, who is 88 years old, is also on CBD regiments to manage physical and mental wellness. Assorted aunts and uncles utilize a mix of CBD and THC to promote their health as well. 

But Mr. Washington is adamant about explaining not only health benefits but the wealth building benefits for (Black) families of the Global Majority as well as older members of the cannabis community:

“Baby boomers explode in every market they enter, including cannabis! They have access to expedible income and residual income.” And it’s also true that  as consumers they have much to benefit health wise. Mr. Washington has visited churches and nursing homes to advocate for one of the most vulnerable populations. No regrets about pushing for cannabis as medicine for the elderly! They deserve a high quality of life as much as anyone else!”

Marvin Washington- Tips and Advice 

It’s always good to glean wisdom from those persons in an industry that have laid down a foundation and that have done good work. It will remind those of us coming up to be true to our mission and to stay the course so that future generations can benefit from the work. In cannabis this is especially important. Community must be built here, it is not always innate. 

Mr. Washington gives 4 major tips for responsible advocacy that I’ve shared below! Take what resonates (which should be all of it) and spread the word so that the cannabis community can continue to thrive amongst the Global Majority and beyond, as things have always been

  1. “Be a good representative”- unfortunately there are stigmas against most cannabis consumers. “10 fakes points are taken from Gryffindor” if the consumer is a member of the Global Majority. These advocates must uphold their best image in the public light, and maintain  integrity so as not to dissuade or sully the community purpose. If not for the masses, definitely for family and friends (those are the best people to reach).
  1. “Change the narrative”- don’t allow the stigmas to stop progress. For every conversation that is negative, change it to a positive. Talk about healing instead of addiction. Talk about wealth instead of poverty. Speak the truth instead of the lies and watch how things continue to change and sway in favor of the cannabis community. 
  1. “Stick to the science”- when it comes to spreading the good gospel about cannabis/ hemp, stay away from emotional explanations and debates. The science of the health benefits and financial language are what they are, to keep naysayers at bay and allow for those that need the information to receive it, unfiltered and unbiased.
  1. “Be AROUND”- if you want to “make it” in the industry, be present and aware of the goings on within the cannabis community, especially locally! Attend local events, stay abreast of news and don’t be afraid to let people SEE what YOU do in the industry. Staying quiet won’t further the mission. Be present and vocal. 

Photo credit: 420Media, LLC

Marvin Washington and Final Words 

Through trials and trepidation, but certainly more wins than losses, Marvin Washington has amassed wealth and health, but more than that he has gained knowledge! We are thankful to advocates like Mr. Washington for their dedication to not only themselves, but to their cannabis communities. Like a family, the benefits of one must pour over into the next generation. 

Marvin Washington is utilizing every aspect of his platform to take cannabis business, health, and wealth to the next level. I’m excited to connect with Mr. Washington (we both live in New Jersey, The future cannabis capital of the east coast, sans covxd jab…mark my words!). Don’t sleep. Make sure your present for the 5th Quarter and beyond! 

I’m Mama Dom, aka Goddess Dom. I am a Magical Mama of 4 precious human children and a few plants. I am a writer, claireaudient, sonic healer, holistic heling coach and a cannabis advocate and user. I own and operate Green Hart Holistic, a plant based kitchen and apothecary. Our mission is to wake you up to the healing power you already possess and help you harness that power using crafted Earth items, including food and herbs.

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