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Gifts For The Cannabis Lover

21 Gifts Ideas for the 2021 Gifting Giving Season

Gift for any occasion or none at all; these listings make great gifts any time of the year for the cannabis lover in your life.

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The holidays are rolling up like the cannabis lover in your life, and even those that don’t celebrate, still find reasons to give. For example- birthdays. Recently, I had to think of appropriate gifts for someone close to me. When I remembered that they are stoners- the gifting became so easy! I ended up getting them flower, a Rick & Morty torch lighter, and a mini bong.

Some questions that I asked myself, that I recommend you ask  yourself when buying for the cannabis lover in your life:

1) How do they enjoy cannabis?  

2) What strains do they like?

3) Do they have a favorite brand?

4) Have I observed anything that I think they can use or need?

These questions helped me think of something other than just flower and something to roll up with.

And so, my gift to you all this season is an amazing gift guide linking you to various cannabis companies, covering all things cannabis; from flower to edible to merch- these companies have some great gift options for the cannabis lover in your life. As a note, I should mention that you may find experiences on the list because one of my favorite gifts to give is an experience. People remember how you made them feel more than what you said.

A List of 21 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis Lover in Your Life

  1. Do you have a vegan cannabis lover in your life?! Take them to enjoy a vegan brunch and pre roll at Sunflower Spacecakes on Sundays from 12pm-4pm. Turn it into a mini shopping spree and explore all this West Philly 420 Social Club has to offer
  2. Give the gift of relaxation with a CBD oil massage from TherapeutiK Touch Massage. Kira’s hands are magical and will have your loved one in a deep trace melting into the table. Deepen their relaxation with products from her CBD line of oils and bath salts.
  3. Self care is really big these days. Take the Canna Goddess in your life for a yoni steam and CBD infused drinks at Holistic Jawn. Afterwards she can shop other CBD infused and holistic products. She’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and recharged!
  1. If you have a bougie cannabis lover in your life, Hygh Maintenance Society has gifts for them. From CBD infused skincare, to floral smoking blends, to luxury accessories- the options are endless!

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  1. The legalization of cannabis is spreading across the nation. Show your support by getting a hoodie from Stay Lyfted that says “ LEGALIZE, REGULATE, EDUCATE, MEDICATE”. The cannabis lover in your life will appreciate your support in their decision to medicate how they want and will appreciate the addition to their closet.
  2. The holiday liquor bottles are cute but keep your canna lover’s spirits high with The Boston Baked Boys hard lemonades. These lemonades are smooth sweet and pack a punch that will either have you vibing or sleeping like a baby. Mix it up with the original flavor and the Pink Pu$$y.
  3. Upgrade how your cannabis lover stores their flower. Canna Jars ATL offers premiun glass jars with dope designs  you can choose from or customize one to make it special. Fresh buds are the best!  
  4. Who didn’t want an Easy Bake Oven?! The budding canna chef would love the  Ardent FX  aka the “Easy Bake Device for Homemade Edibles” from Ardent. The Stoner Snack Pack will complete the gift and definitely bring back old school Christmas vibes!
  5. Kindness is contagious so spread some with Bee Kynd’s Signature Topicals Sampler Box. This is a great gift for them to try a few of the topicals. If your canna lover is into holistic health and skincare they have more to choose from.
  6. CBD is becoming a key ingredient in many beauty lines. Introduce the cannabis lover in your life to a new skincare routine with NFZD Beauty product line. Start them on a journey to glowing skin with The Mini System.
  7. Can’t think of just one thing to get them? Mix your gift up with items from vapes, pre-rolls, gummies, CBD flower and more! Create a cannabis lover basket of these goodies from Plain Jane.
  8. Remember the popcorn tins?Well, Black Hemp Family has Delta8 popcorn! Add it as a stocking stuffer or get a tin and replace one of the options with this.
  9. So you just want to get them some flower, something simple. The Ranchera Familia line of products has you covered! From hemp flower, pre-rolls, trim, clones, and seeds- your simple gift will be anything but that!

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  1. Shopping for a cannabis lover that loves jewelry is easy! High Society Collection is your go to for cannabis jewelry. Some of their items are hidden blunt clips!
  2. Indica or Sativa? Don’t know which is their favorite. It doesn’t matter when you get them an accent pillow from Cannabis Noire.
  3. Mama gotta have her blunt, and that doesn’t make her a bad one! Show her you support her decision to medicate with a shirt. Blunt Blowin Mama has the perfect one!
  4. Statement pieces and stocking stuffers! House of Weird Perfection has beautiful handcrafted accessories that every cannabis fashionista needs. Elevate their style!
  5. Maybe your cannabis lover is a bit of a hippie or maybe bitchy. Either way The Bitchy Hippie has some great holistic hemp products like probiotic deodorant, CBD bullets, and skincare.
  6. Is your cannabis lover a traveling vegan? CBD gummies are a great way to dose on the go. Help them stay calm and relaxed during their travels with Korasana’s  vegan gummies.
  7. Is your cannabis lover also a cannabis business owner? Businesses need content and Vee, the traveling cannabis writer would be a great gift to cannabis business.
  8. Health is wealth and a gift of wealth is love. Have you heard about the magnificent benefits of sea moss? You can learn about and purchase land and sea herbs, like sea moss, from I Slang Sea Moss.

I hope I gave you some great ideas to get you rolling on the best gift for your cannabis lover. Remember it’s not the gift but the thought that counts. My mom gave me a magazine called “Women In Weed” and I loved it. So there is more than just flower!

I am Ami Ekpaji the owner of Hygh Maintanence Society, a company and brand for the hygh maintanence cannabis lover. I support cannabis and have a business in cannabis because she saved me. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Major Depression Disorder and the medicine I was prescribed felt like a virtual reality game for a fiend or drug addicted. I didn’t like the lack of feeling or walking around like the walking dead. I moved towards a more holistic lifestyle and over the years, I learned my dosages and new ways of consuming the plant outside of smoking. I support Cannabis because it saved me more than once.

Written by: Ami Ekpaji w/ Hygh Maintenance Society

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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