Celebrating Philly’s Gem

Sunflower’s Space Cakes, a 420 Birthday Celebration 

Photo Credit: Cannavibezz, LLC

Leading up to the 420 birthday celebration, Sunflower, owner of Sunflower’s Space Cakes– spoke about wanting her birthday to be a day of love, a day to celebrate local cannabis brands. Because it fell on Valentine’s Day weekend, and not everyone has a partner to celebrate with, Sunflower decided to celebrate love of brands- loving your brand. Sunflower is a firm believer that nurturing your business means showing your business love, and showing your business/ brand love- is a part of selfcare. 

During this weekend, brands were able to set up tables showcasing their products so that those attending the celebration could hear from business owners and experience their products. So when the plan was in motion and Sunflower released where the love event would take place, my eyes opened wide and a huge smile rested on my face. The photos didn’t do this place justice! 

Loving Your Brand-Arriving at the Location

Thursday evening I walked into the place that I had been seeing beautiful pictures of for weeks. Joy Washington (@_cannavibezzllc) embraced me with a warm hug and smile as usual. Stacey (Sunflower’s Space Cakes Chef) was in the kitchen preparing for Friday, and Sunflower was floating on cloud 9 being her joyous self. 

Walking in felt like a 360 camera of happiness, love and cannabis. Dom Hart (Green Hart Holistic) was in the kitchen whipping up some vegan tacos, Joy was capturing every moment, and Sunflower was a top tier host as usual. As I got a tour of the place, I was beyond excited. My favorite area was the game room; it was decked with all the classic games; basketball, Turtles In Time, Skee ball, PAC Man, Mortal Kombat, and a pool table. After taking it all in, I set up my products and start mingling. 

Photo Credit: Cannavibezz, LLC

Like all of Sunflower’s events, this felt like a family affair and you could be standing, sitting, or talking to one of her family members. The aesthetic of the party gave me nostalgia of watching the House Party series and rap videos growing up. There were people everywhere vibing and having a great time! Every party has an issue but that didn’t stop our fun. 

We met capacity and security wasn’t feeling our vibes. It was sad to see guests leave but none of that stopped the party. We still ended the night with laughter, food, and cannabis in the air! 

Loving Your Brand- Day 2

Saturday we woke to Jay (Stacey’s husband) throwing down in the kitchen. It was time to  prepare for the Super Bowl. I made infused vegan pesto and salsa at Joy’s request. Stacey was whipping up some epic cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and pretzels. I made an infused Dragon Fruit Champagne cocktail to cheer for Sunflower’s birthday and Joy captured everything.

For the main table event, Mark (Sunflowers Space Cakes chef) made vegan meatballs and Kami (yoga instructor) made vegan chicken cheese steaks.

Final Thoughts

It takes a special person to make sure everyone has an amazing time on their birthday. I’m honored to be one of the people she shared her birthday with. Sunflower I wish you more life, love, and cannabis! 

Written by: Ami Ekpaji w/ Hygh Maintenance Society

I am Ami Ekpaji the owner of Hygh Maintanence Society, a company and brand for the hygh maintanence cannabis lover. I support cannabis and have a business in cannabis because she saved me. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Major Depression Disorder and the medicine I was prescribed felt like a virtual reality game for a fiend or drug addicted. I didn’t like the lack of feeling or walking around like the walking dead. I moved towards a more holistic lifestyle and over the years, I learned my dosages and new ways of consuming the plant outside of smoking. I support Cannabis because it saved me more than once.

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