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The First Time I Bought Cannabis – Weed

What thoughts run through your mind when buying weed? Are these purchases usually fun, scary, exciting, nerve wrecking, or just another day of looking for a vice you chose to have?  

For me as a cannabis consumer, I buy medicine with fun and certain thoughts: am I getting my money’s worth?, is an ounce of AK-47 the same as Girl Scout Cookie, or the same as Black Girl Magic OG?,  is the potency something I can handle?, is the person I get the weed from reliable how do I know that the product I get from them isn’t some bullshit?  

When we ask ourselves these questions, from the outside looking in, people would think that we’re going in blind with our purchases. However, believe me when I say the thoughts of a cannabis consumer are faster than most people (a common misconception is that cannabis smokers are slow to move and slow to absorb).  

My First Time

I remember the exact day I bought my first bag of weed; it was on June 16th, 2004.  The reason I remember that day so well, it was the day I went over to a friend’s house to meet his family that came to visit.  We all were sitting around talking, and used the grill to barbeque things I ate as a meat eater (I am plant-based now) 

Before eating, one of his sisters said, “who got some weed around here?”  My friend said, “sheeit we can take a ride to the half and see who got some.”  We got in the car, drove to the Half (we called 14 ½ street the Half), and we saw 2 men on the block.  My friend said to me, “hey G see if those dudes have any Green.”  

Now I got weed from my brothers, the people I knew, but never actually purchased any before so, I never really asked anyone if they were selling.  I got out of the car, as I approached these guys, I’m nervous as hell, a lot of thoughts going through my mind.  I asked them, “hey you got any Green?”  They looked at me and said, “hell yea what do you need?” I said “I need a zip (that’s an ounce) of Chocolate Thai.”  After we bought the weed, we went back to the house and smoked.

Final Thoughts

I had no reason to be nervous outside of legality. Cannabis is a business, even in the black market. Just as you would inquire about shoes, inquire about weed. Never be is nervous when making your weed purchase, especially these days.  Remember have confidence and make connections, you’ll thank yourself later.  

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Written by: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo

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