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It’s no secret that I have some amazing blog sponsors. These people, behind these companies, are some of the most supportive in this industry. They firmly believe in education and information and their mission isn’t money focused. Yes we all have to eat so we all need money BUT, our sponsors don’t move from that place, they move from a place of passion. 

Because of that, there is synergy and connection beyond service for service. We are more like a tribe, a community that understands that collaboration is better than competition. Together, our missions combined create impact and because they care- they see and understand my mission beyond the words used to describe it.

Without their sponsorships, this blog would be a little less groovy because I wouldn’t have the amazing team that I have. They too, are forces behind the success of the blog. Collectively, we educate, inform, and destigmatize. 

It’s important to spend dollars with compassionate, caring, and dope product making companies. Our sponsors and their products are nothing short of amazing. Use the search function on the site to search for product reviews. What you read won’t disappoint. 

And it gets better- you can save a few of your dollars by visiting the “shop CBD & Hemp” tab on the site and clicking on “save $ promo codes”. This piece is to highlight some of the products and services available from/by our sponsors:

Blunt Babe CBD: lady owner Gabby runs a company and brand for the culture. Blunt Babe offers products like: delta 8 edibles, vape carts, cbd oil tinctures, and cute ass smoking essentials.

Herb of Life Cultivation LLC: the 1st Lady of the West Coast creates exclusive cannabis strains alongside her partner DukeOfErb. Their services offer exclusive genetics, growth of the first harvest of those genetics, and marketing/ branding coaching. 

Korasana: a health focused company offering hemp CBD infused products, but not leaving essentials vitamins out. Korasana gummies are infused with cannabinoids and vitamins and they offer other products such as: tinctures, topicals, and nano spray.

Peacock Labs CBD: a CBD company offering a range of hemp-CBD products like: topicals, vapes, topicals, and concentrates. They didn’t leave out merchandise and this company offers a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Portland Ashwagandha: this is our non cannabis sponsor but the products they offer are just as impactful. Ashwagandha is a powerful plant medicine and our sponsors grow it, pair it with other amazing plants, and bottle it up in tincture form. Those seeking balance, connection, and grounding will benefit from these products. 

The Botanical Joint: a hemp CBD company offering CBD flower strains that represent black and brown culture in the industry: WAP, Frida, and Not Your Bitch to name a few. TBJ also offers tin boxes for quick, easy, terpene loaded smokes- and partners with The Bitchy Hippe to create and offer scrubs and oils. 

Please head over to their sites to learn more about them and to check out their dope products. Remember- check out the save $ tab first because- who doesn’t want to save?

Written by: Veronica Castillo

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Thank you all for supporting the mission of this blog by taking care of the Writers! With your support, we are able to educate, inform, connect, and break stigmas. Cannabis builds community, and we are grateful to you all for being a part of ours! 

Please visit our sponsors! Collectively, they compensate the Writers for their contributions to this blog.

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