Product Review: Cannabis Infused Wine with Be Edible

Be Edible launched in 2020 as a company offering a variety of cannabis infused wines and cannabis infused treats. Based out of the east coast, Be Edible is on a mission to show how food can be art, by offering  palatable experiences with treats like: cannabis infused brownies, cannabis infused cookies, cannabis infused cupcakes, and cannabis infused teas to name a few. 

Under the influence of a “delectable sativa” as the Be Edible founder and owner stated, it was decided:  “someone should really combine wine and cannabis- cannabis infused wine!” Be Edible founder says that the creative juices started flowing and they set out to create it because- why not? Why can’t wine be edible?

While the company offers a variety of edibles, the focus for this review is on their wine, their cannabis infused Chardonnay to be exact.

My Review of Be Edible Cannabis Infused Chardonnay

I’m not huge on alcohol, even down to wine, but infuse it with my favorite plant and I’ll definitely take some sips. I was happy to have connected with Be Edible on Clubhouse. After hearing about their 50mg per serving, hybrid strain infused wine, I had to ask for the opportunity to review. I was happy to have received a yes.

The bottle is 750 ml, and each serving has 11% alcohol, and 50 mg of cannabis. The ingredients are simple: chardonnay blend, THC tincture blend, and organic blue agave. I want to make sure to mention that CBD options are available as well. 

My thoughts- I’ll sip again and again. 

Be Edible Infused Wine- Taste

I am a sweet wine lover. I like my wine to taste like juice and that usually doesn’t happen, so I was shocked that this infused Chardonnay tastes like juice! People say that Moscato and Chardonnay are the sweets. I disagree. Chardonnay is not usually sweet, not to me. Be Edible infused Chardonnay did not disappoint. It is sweet! Not overly to me, but actually perfect!

Be Edible Infused Wine- Effects

I felt the alcohol hit my system quick- that’s nothing new- I’m a lightweight in the wine and spirits arena. Within 10 minutes of finishing the glass, as seen above, I felt a buzz. It was a nice, easy impact. I knew the alcohol was present when I jumped up and started dancing to salsa music. 

I knew the cannabis released within 30 minutes because I was happy, but with heavy eyelids at the same time. Heavy eyelids let me know the cannabis struck. Being a little tipsy and high made me feel like I was floating in between ground and sky. For me, the effects lasted 4-5 hours- just one glass. 

Though a lightweight alcohol consumer, I’m a stoner chick and so it takes quite the strain potency and oil dose to get me into a cannabis edible high. But Be Edible Infused Chardonnay took me there!

Recommendations for Consumption of Be Edible Cannabis Infused Wine

Be 21 years of age or older of course. If consuming at home, with nothing to do, a full glass is great. If at a party, a dinner, an event, a half glass is what I would recommend. If you are a beginner to cannabis and also a lightweight alcohol consumer, I’d go with 4 sips and wait 30 min before consuming more. 

And of course, no matter your tolerance, don’t consume and drive. 

Final Thoughts

I recommend it! The cannabis infused wine tastes great, the effects are powerful, and the selection covers Moscato, Zinfandel, and blends. As for price, very reasonable! 

But it gets better because you can use code Vee444 to save a few dollars on your purchase through the end of March!

Written By: Veronica Castillo