Review of Black Girl Magic OG; Herb of Life Cultivation LLC

Photo credit: 1st Lady of the West Coast

I consider myself a connoisseur of various ways to ingest Marijuana such as: edibles, vape, joints, blunts, and capsules. I start my day with a wake and bake, a blunt or 2. I also consume before my workouts, edibles so that by the time I reach the gym, it kicks in and holds me up during my 2-hour workouts.  

Before I consume a new marijuana product, I make sure I’m completely “sober” so I can feel the effects.  I remember the day I consumed Black Girl Magic OG capsules. These were RSO (Rick Simpson oil) carried in coconut oil capsules. Before I tried them, I didn’t smoke or eat an edible; I wanted to be authentic in my review, and I couldn’t do that if I consumed something before, I consumed these capsules. Also, I was on a fruit and vegetable smoothie fast, which was the perfect time to ingest this product.

The Black Girl Magic OG capsules are vegan (no animal byproducts), which is definitely a plus. Black Girl Magic OG is a hybrid Indica; 70% Indica/30% Sativa, similar to Sour Diesel. I swallowed two capsules and for me, I found that they’re better on an empty stomach- they get to your system faster. 

When the effects started to take hold, I felt a feeling that was new to me. This wasn’t a feeling like the usual THC feeling; I didn’t have the usual psychotropic effects. I felt a euphoric subtle feeling. 

Let me tell you all, it was one of the best feelings I ever had from a product that didn’t’ give me psychotropic effects. The benefits from this product, at least for me were: body relaxation, lower blood pressure, my headache went away, and I slept so good!

I definitely recommend Black Girl Magic OG. For people who are stressed out and alcohol is out of the question, this product will help you relax and chill without the so-called “paranoid” feeling. Shout out to 1st Lady of the West Coast, owner of Herb of Life Cultivation, LLC and Dukeoferb, the creator of Black Girl Magic OG

This strain left me feeling like: “the church says, Gaddamn, Gaddamn, Gaddamn”. 

Written By: Terry Byas

Edited by: Veronica Castillo (edited for SEO)