Product Review: Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

Hemp/ CBD  Infused Skin Care Line

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Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body is a black woman owned hemp- CBD infused skin care company and spa offering several hemp-based luxury facial treatments, body sculpting services, waxing, brow services, and more. 

I had the pleasure of featuring the owner, licensed Hempsthetician, Lateka Starnes- Council, LE recently, and also sampled the hemp CBD infused, vegan friendly skin care line offered by Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body. Prior to the product review, I’d like to share a little more about the company.

About Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

  • Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body is owned by Lateka Starnes- Council LE,  a United States Military Veteran (Navy), and a Licensed Esthetician in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. She is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Body Sculpting Specialist, and Oncology Esthetician. 
  • Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body is a business that serves both men and women; from: facials, to body sculpting, to products and steams, to waxes (Brazilian waxes is a woman only service, the spa doesn’t wax men from the waist  down).
  • Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body offers various classes that focus on overall education of skincare, benefits of turmeric which is important for the black and brown community, how to launch a business in hemp, how to gain business and personal credit, the benefits of hemp/CBD, and various motivational sessions.

Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body Product Review

I sampled the Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body products for the first time in Jan 2022, in the middle of a frozen Michigan winter. I did this while on a cannabis tour in the cold, because I wanted to review from that climate. A climate that can dry out skin and bones with below 0 like temperatures. 

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Herbal Hemp Facial Wash: this product comes in a 1.7 ounce pump. From inside, a oil/liquid substance, infused with hemp CBD comes out that when mixed with water, lathers up slightly, but enough to do the job of cleansing the skin. It smells amazing: a little soapy, a little essential oily. When washed off, my skin felt very clean and very moisturized.

Herbal Hemp Enzymatic Clay Mask: I applied this after washing my face as described above. This product comes in a 1.7 ounce twist top container. On the box that the product comes in, the instructions are clear: only use this product once a week unless one has oily skin, in that case, it’s ok to use twice a week. Inside is a gray clay infused with hemp CBD, that smells a little like clay, but not intense like most. It has a soft, floral/essential oil aroma to it. 

The clay is thick but not excessively, and when applied to the skin, I didn’t physically feel it working, but  I felt it working. It was like… I could feel my skin deeply cleansing but without the tingles and cooling sensations of other masks- and I loved it! When I washed it off, my skin was so hydrated and felt even more clean than after the facial wash- which I suppose was supposed to happen and so- the results are that it did it’s job beautifully!

Herbal Hemp’n Jojoba Milk Wash: this product comes in a 3.4 ounce container with pump. Inside there is a lotion textured substance that smells calming, comforting, and soft. The texture is thick and coats the skin really nice. I could feel my skin hydrating as I rubbed it in and loved it! I used this product as an in shower lotion, used after I cleansed my full body. This milk wash- doesn’t contain dairy and it left me so moisturized that even in frozen weather, I didn’t have to apply moisturizer to my body after my shower. 

Herbal Hemp Facial Oil: this product comes in a .5 ounce container with a pump. Inside there is a light oil, like the consistency of essential oils, that smells soft, lightly floral. Though my face was already hydrated and moisturized from the above processes, I still applied it to my face and so glad I did! The glow that came from it was the perfect touch to the above, the epitome of “icing on the cake”. 


I absolutely love these products and how they nurtured my skin when I needed them most. Even in frozen weather, these products will hydrate and moisturize! To learn more about Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body, check out this feature and head over to their website.  

Product Review and Write Up: Veronica Castillo