Black Owned in Cannabis in the South

Meet South Carolina’s, Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

Photo Credit: Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

Owned and operated in Sumter, SC by licensed Hempsthetician, Lateka Starnes- Council, LE; Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body is a black woman owned hemp- CBD infused skin care company and spa offering several hemp-based luxury facial treatments, body sculpting services, waxing, brow services, and more. 

Lateka, the Sumter, SC native launched this company in 2021 with the belief that: “whether it’s a personal self-care day or special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body invites you to tap into the restorative power for a euphoric spa experience. You deserve a spa day!” 

About Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body and Owner Lateka Starnes-Council, LE

Lateka Starnes- Council LE, is a United States Military Veteran (Navy), and a Licensed Esthetician in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. She is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Body Sculpting Specialist, and Oncology Esthetician. Her journey into becoming a Hempsthetician began in the beauty industry as a Licensed Cosmetologist, but her true passion is educating others on the benefits of hemp-based skincare products

Her passion and experience led her to becoming the 1st African American woman Veteran to become a hemp transporter in the Peedee and Midlands area, and a hemp broker in South Carolina. 

The hemp based spa offers a wide variety of services. Browising the website leads to the gift of savings with ways to sign up and receive percentages off products and services. This black owned hemp spa in the south is offering the services listed above but also: consultations, vegan/ plant based CBD infused products, and policies and procedures to protect clients and staff during this pandemic. 

About Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body Products 

Photo Credit: Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body offers a wide range of products, and many made vegan such as: herbal hemp facial wash, hemp n’ jojoba milk wash, entourage facial ol, and herbal hemp enzymatic clay mask- to name a few. 

Please stay tuned for a review of the above listed products- coming soon. 

Interview with Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body Owner, Lateka Starnes-Council, LE

We chatted with black woman in cannabis, Lateka Starnes-Council, LE to discuss all things Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body. The interview was led by Ami Ekpaji. The interview has been edited for clarity and write flow. 

Lateka Starnes- Council, LE- Pre-Cannabis/CBD Business

“Life before cannabis was spent in the military, about 10 years split between the Navy and National Guard. I launched a clothing line, and crafting line, but let that go to pursue and focus on Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body. “

Lateka’s Journey Into CBD

“I started because I have PTSD, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Cannabis has helped relieve me from mental conditions to chronic pain, I see the results. This wasn’t my dream, my dream was the military, because I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps. My dream was to join the military and I accomplished that.”

Lateka Talks Spa and Product Line

“Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body is a business that serves both men and women; from: facials, to body sculpting, to products and steams, to waxes- but I need to state that I only offer Brazilian waxes for women, don’t wax men from the waist down. I offer waist trainers, detox teas and coffees, and a sun kissed product line. Everything we offer is hemp based, so for example  facials will include hemp seed oil. There are gummies, various wraps, various creams, and oils, and these products are all made for various body and overall treatment goals such as: breast and butt lifts, various contouring, and snatched waist goals.

I should state that the gummies and detox teas are not infused because of various levels of professions and consumption rules. So, anything that someone can eat- isn’t infused, anything that is applied to the skin/body- is infused with hemp/CBD.”

Herbal Euphoric Skyn & Body’s Wooding/ Wood Therapy

“Wooding is a procedure used to manipulate the fat cells so it contours. For example, cellulite and butt lifting, I use the wood contour/sculpting  tool to manipulate the cellulite and fat and sculpt it to your butt- for a natural butt lift. For my athletes- the men, I do that more so in the mid section, like love handles for instance, and I manipulate the fat to move the fat and cellulite around. This also helps reduce muscle aches, so this therapy can be used for fat and pain relief.”

Luxury Spa Services at Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

“I offer services with robes and slippers because not everyone can afford one of those top of the line experiences, and I want them to experience it. I want to offer beverages in wine glasses because they come for euphoric experiences and we want to offer that within everyone’s budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re only spending $50, you came for a luxurious experience and we make it happen.”

Photo Credit: Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body Top Selling Services

“My facials, and my hot body therapy. That’s when you come in and spend 15 minutes on a vibrating plate. Then I apply slimming gel to a wrap that goes around the stomach, I lay you down on a bed with foil sheets, I basically wrap you like a burrito, and you lay there for 45 minutes. What this does is cause you to sweat and people love it because you come in with in measuring in at one thing, and after the service, 2-3 inches are gone. These services also include hemp. These are non-invasive procedures, not surgeries. These services can also be planned and put together for people’s individual goals.” 

Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body on Hemp CBD Education

“We offer various classes that focus on overall education of skincare, benefits of turmeric which is important for my black and brown community, how to launch a business in hemp, how to gain business and personal credit, the benefits of hemp/CBD, and various motivational sessions.People can book services and classes on the website beginning Jan 15, 2022. Classes will be available in person in a meeting place and online.”

The Inspiration of the Vegan Products Offered by Herbal Euphoria Skyn & Body

“My oldest daughter inspired this. She is huge on organic and she is 21 so, she is my target audience- the Millenial.”

Lateka Starnes-Council, LE on Being a Hemp Transporter

“One of my friends started her company and she started to help people in the Charleston area start hemp businesses. She attended a lot of the Department of Agriculture meetings and got a great understanding of launching a hemp business. She suggested I get into transporting, and after getting into transporting, we decided to work on launching a coalition of women of color that are in the hemp business, to educate them on becoming hemp transporters and brokers. 

As a hemp transporter, I can transport unprocessed hemp across all 50 states. So for instance, if you need your licensed hemp to move from Florida to California, you can contract with my company to transport it. I can legally move it from one state to the next.”

Lateka’s Advice for Aspiring Cannapreneurs

“Research, take your time, plan, and don’t discuss anything with anyone unless you have an NDA. You may not be financially ready but you have an awesome plan. Someone you talk to may be financially ready with no plan.” 

Written by: Veronica Castillo, Traveling Cannabis Writer.