Some of the Things that Impact Your Cannabis High

Cannabis impacts us all differently and this is easily seen. Sure, the end result is high of some sort, but the type of highs vary. If we ask a group of 5 how they feel after smoking the same strain, we would get 5 different answers. It’s important to state right on that the most important factor in what impacts our highs, is our endocannabinoid systems. Like a central nervous system, each of our endocannabinoid systems are different therefore, our highs start there, when it comes to differing. 

Below are some of the things that impact a cannabis high.

Vape, Smoke, or Edibles: Consumption Methods are a Factor

Many don’t get the same high from an infused beverage that they get from a cookie. For me, my best high is smoking flower. No matter the other methods, my high isn’t the same. There are many people who don’t get a high at all from edibles but are on cloud 30 vaping oil. Different methods will have different effects on your high.

Setting: The Space/Environment Where the High is Taking Place is a Factor 

The environment, the people, and the overall vibe play a role in the impact and effects of a high. This includes the scenery, music, and if the consumption is happening in happiness or sadness.

How Much?: The Amount Consumed is a Factor

This is a great point when discussing cannabis tinctures and cannabis edibles. Consuming 5 MG of cannabis tincture and/or eating a cookie infused with 5 MG of Cannabis, is going to be a very different high than a 25 MG cannabis tincture/infused cookie. Tolerance matters because for me, before my body feels an edible, it needs 50 MG. But very important to note- the body is still using it as medicine no matter what, high or no high.

CBD, THC, CBG?: The Combination of Cannabinoids Consumed are a Factor 

Consuming CBD is going to be a totally different high than consuming THC. CBD is generally felt in the body and not the mind. THC is generally felt in the mind and not always the body. Then there are ratios. A CBD/THC 1:1 (half and half joint) is going to be a high different from a full joint of one or the other.

Terpenes: They Most Definitely are a Factor- The Contribute so Much

Terpenes are the sidekick to cannabinoids. They contribute to the benefits of a high and are also responsible for the fragrance of the Cannabis plant. A terpene profile with myrcene, limonene, and linalool, is going to be different from a terpene profile with terpinolene, caryophyllene, and pinene. 

In Closing

Something not mentioned above, the age of the Cannabis being consumed. As Cannabis ages, it loses things that only the trichomes can deliver to the high, which is also a factor that impacts a cannabis high. These are just a few factors, and a reminder that like referenced above, the biggest factor is our endocannabinoid systems; we are all different and Cannabis impacts each of us differently.

Written by: Veronica Castillo 

This piece is a repurposed piece, originally written by the author and published on the Plain Jane blog.